Erin Foley

Erin from Edwardsville asked June 25, 2014

Baltimore: Best Crabcakes

Looking for the best crabcake in Baltimore, preferably not to far from the waterfront, as we have very limited time to spend.  


3 Answers

  • Van McKenna

    Top Answer by Van M. from Maryland

    Any where in the Inner Harbor will have MD crab cakes. Phillips and McCormick and Schmick's are big chains. For a true authentic experience and ones eaten by the natives you will have to go away from the waterfront. We like both Faidley's Seafood & Fresh Fish Market and G&M Restaurant and Lounge. Faidley will be closer at Lexington Market. Do not let the neighborhood deter you from the best crab cake. You will be safe in the daytime.

  • Ben Messer

    Ben M. from Germantown answered

    The best crab cake in Baltimore, (and some would say on the East Coast) is the broiled jumbo lump crab cake at Faidley's Seafood & Fresh Fish Market inside Lexington Market. If you want the best, you need to get away from the tourist traps at the harbor.

  • Stu Lustman

    Stu L. from Atlanta answered

    a couple spots in Lexington Market downtown near the harbor are always a good choice