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What is the best town to stay for two weeks in Bali?

I'm going to Bali by myself for two weeks. I really just want to relax and have some time to write, reconnect with myself, do yoga, and check out from the real world so I can come back feeling rejuvenated. Any recommendations on where I should stay? I've heard Ubud is wonderful, but I'm afraid it might be a little too touristy for me.

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Vicky from Los Angeles

I'd suggest either Canggu or Ubud, or a week in each town. Canggu is up and coming but still pretty quiet. There are yoga classes at Desa Seni Canggu - stay there or at one of the surrounding villas like Komea Villa.

Ubud may seem touristy on the outside but look deeper and stay just a little out of the main roads, and it's a totally different world. I love The Yoga Barn and have stayed at their guest house, which is simple but comfortable and quiet. My friends rave about Tegal Sari Accommodation, also walking distance from the Yoga Barn but I could never get a reservation as it's always booked in advance. Depending on your budget, if you want to splurge, stay at Uma by COMO Ubud - it's lovely and right across local favorite food joint Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill. Check out Uma's website for scheduled retreats. A little farther away is Bambu Indah, founded by jewelry designer John Hardy. The rates for the smaller villas are pretty reasonable, one of the villas is even built above a shrimp pond with glass floor.


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  4. Tegal Sari Accommodation (hotel)
  5. Uma by COMO Ubud (hotel)
  6. Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill (restaurant)
  7. Bambu Indah (hotel)
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answered by
Jass from Tampines

Nusa Dua is definitely a place to choose if you are looking for a relaxing and stress-free Bali vacation.

Most private beaches in Bali are located in this area and a bit expensive than those in Kuta area.

My friend and I were in Bali last year and we stayed at Bali Tropic Resort & Spa. Around 30 min drive from Airport.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I already fell in love with it :)

The hotel welcomed us with a temple gate that resembles many of those in Bali.
The lobby is spacious with high ceilings and incredible designs of Balinese art & architecture.
The room is incredibly pretty and huge; and our beds are designed with curtains - we feel like princesses.

There are also water activities within the area like parasailing, snorkeling, etc.

The hotel also have contacts with taxi companies if you want to explore Bali for a whole day.

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  1. Nusa Dua (attraction)
  2. Kuta (neighborhood)
  3. Bali Tropic Resort & Spa (hotel)
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answered by
Christopher from Melbourne

Ubud is the best place to go - it may be touristy in the city centre but there are heaps of places to stay in the outskirts. One personal recommendation of mine to stay is Lodtunduh Sari, a small group of villas outside of Ubud. Close enough to walk to Ubud (I'd recommend you hire a motorcycle/bike). I did a review of it on my blog a while ago, the place hardly has changed since then and I go there almost yearly. 

Hrm, I need to update that blog post formatting and prices are still off but you'll get the idea :)

Definitely avoid anywhere near Kuta/Seminyak.

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  1. Ubud (attraction)
  2. Lodtunduh Sari (attraction)
  3. Kuta (neighborhood)
  4. Seminyak (attraction)
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answered by
Robert from Northridge

If you're looking to go to Bali, not staying near a beach would be a shame. 

I recommend the Benoa / Nusa Dua area. Very quiet, a bit resort-y, but that's the charm of it! The resorts are super expensive but you don't need to stay at a resort to enjoy the amenities/pool/beach one checks if you're staying there or not. A Nusa Dua resort is the ideal place to find a shady tree canopy on the beach, access resort wifi, and write.

IMO, Ubud is away from the ocean, and a bit noisy and hot/humid...and sort of falling apart at the seams. It has a great Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary and The Yoga Barn...but I wouldn't say that can carry 2 weeks.

Seminyak/Kuta provide fun nightlife, but are crowded and somewhat dirty (with the exception of a few beach clubs...which are a bit too Hollywood).

So for a peaceful, pampered, iconic, (and beachfront!) Bali experience, I'd shoot to explore Nusa Dua and stay in the adjacent city of Benoa (which is more affordable and 5-10 min away from the resorts). 

There's a really affordable, modern, new boutique hotel that just opened called the Ion Bali Benoa (right across the street from the Grand Mirage resort). We paid $35/night to stay at the Ion and walked across the street to work / play out of the outrageously nice Grand Mirage. It was a way of getting the resort experience for 10% of the price. :p


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  2. Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary (attraction)
  3. The Yoga Barn (attraction)
  4. Seminyak (attraction)
  5. Kuta (neighborhood)
  6. Ion Bali Benoa (hotel)
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answered by
Muskan from New Delhi



Yes, you are right Ubud is a Tourist destination. It is a crowded area.

Instead I will suggest Jimbaran, it is a fishing village, and the beach has sea food restaurants and luxury resorts. This would be a nice place for you to relax, it is not a crowed place. The food and accommodation are not expensive here. There you can enjoy the Indian Ocean breeze, sun set and a laid back atmosphere.

Let me know if I can be of more helpful!

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  1. Jimbaran (attraction)
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answered first by
Joseph from Denpasar

i think Karangasem would be nice place to stay for you. There is this place called Candi Dasa, its a relatively quiet seaside town, with few motel that is not very expensive, and nice beaches also.

This is definitely a place to go if you want to avoiding tourist destination. This place is actually a destination for snorkling and diving, it is not really a crowded place.

food is not really expensive. but i must warn you this place is really laid back, if you looking for a night scene there might be none. Candidasa is about 90 minutes from Kuta area.

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  1. Karangasem (attraction)
  2. Candi Dasa (city)
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answered by
Michel from Taipei

I'd say Ubud. This place could probably meet a few of your requirements while still remaining within walking distance to the center of the town.

Enjoy your stay in Bali. I can't get enough of it! Just spent 6 weeks there.


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  2. Bali (island)
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answered by
Juan from Los Angeles

Candi Dasa it's a great quiet beach town with resorts on the smaller side in the outskirts of the town.

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  1. Candi Dasa (city)
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answered by
working from United Kingdom

Don't understand why people refer to Kuta as dirty, I think they should get out into the real world of Indonesia like Medan!

Ubud is just as touristy as Kuta albeit with different types of tourists.

If you want culture, yoga and all that jazz then Ubud would be good, if you want down to earth beach fun on a budget then Kuta works, if you want a slightly classier beachside location then Seminyak.

If you are older and want a peaceful beach then try Sanur and if you want a beach location to yourself with very few others try Lovina Beach in the north.

Here is a guide to Bali that you might find useful if you are on your own.

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  2. Ubud (attraction)
  3. Seminyak (attraction)
  4. Sanur (attraction)
  5. Lovina Beach (hotel)
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answered by
Sabrina from Geneva

Ubud is very quiet despite the tourists. If you go tou have to go eat at the Three Monkeys Cafe ( It is out of this world and the food is very good.

Jimbaran is a must see because there are the most beautiful beaches. The crowd and places are a little bit more expensive but it is definitely worth it.

Seminyak if you wanna party and go out.

In most of the the hotels you can enter and have a tour, a drink or lunch even if you are not a customer. Don't hesitate as you can find some jems and some paradisiac places.

And of course don't hesitate to indulge yourself at spa's as they are so not expensive. Don't mind the outside look, the masseuses are very good. You don't need to go to the big brand named ones as they are so expensive for the same treatment.

But the best ways to find the place that fit you best is to look around and ask your waiter or waitress as they are very helpful and friendly.

Last advice, always negociate your ride with the cab BEFORE you get in it. Only jump in when you agreed on a price with the driver. At your arrival at the airport change a little amount of money at one of the change office (they are lined on your way out) just so you can ask the person what price you should expect to go from the airport to your hotel. And then negociate with your cab. It is going to get down as much as the double sometimes.

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  2. Three Monkeys Cafe (restaurant)
  3. Jimbaran (attraction)
  4. Seminyak (attraction)
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answered by
ya from Singapore

Ubud is touristy, but you can easily avoid the crowd in Ubud. It's such a wonderful place, you should still try! Maybe as you have 2 weeks you could spend 1 week around Ubud and one in the north? Enjoy!!!

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answered by
Lin from Bali

Canggu and Ubud are lovely places to visit. Ubud may have garnered a reputation for being increasingly tourist-y over the past couple of years, but personally, I find that it has a relaxing and serene vibe (and nothing like the tourist hotspots in Kuta or Seminyak!). 

Ubud has many spa and massage parlours, as well as yoga places, which makes it an ideal place for relaxing and whiling your holiday away. Canggu will be a great place to stay at, if you love the beach, and are keen on trying out water sports (surfing, etc). 

If you still have concerns about these places being too "touristy", you may want to consider heading up towards the North (to places like Lovina or Amed Beach, Bali).


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  2. Ubud (attraction)
  3. Lovina (attraction)
  4. Amed Beach, Bali (attraction)

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