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Interesting places in Bali

What are the most interesting places in Bali?  I'm looking for ideas.

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  • Daniel R.

    Daniel R.

    What are you looking for? Culture? Party? Beach? Hike? Diving? Yoga? Or a bit of everything? · (0 likelikes)



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  • Daniel Branca

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    I went there for my honeymoon this past August. We went for 9 days. 3 days by the beach in Nusa Dua, 4 days in the terraces and rice paddies in Ubud, and 2 again by the beach in Kuta.

    3 things to get you started.

    1.) You should experience Kuta but perhaps only as a day trip. That place is so overwhelming especially if you are looking to relax. I wouldn't stay in Kuta again. That said, when we were there, we bought counterfeit stuff at the market and took surfing lessons.

    2.) Stay in Ubud (or somewhere close) we stayed at the Alila Ubud. Awesome time. Good food. Awesome pool. There is a monkey temple in Ubud that you pay to go to. At Alila, there were so many monkeys running around that it made no sense to go to the over crowded and touristy monkey temple. The Rice Terraces in the Ubud area are amazing.

    3.) Vacations are all about experiences. If you travel all that way, take advantage! My wife and I woke up at 2am to catch a shuttle to the Volcano. There, a large group (with guides) hiked up the volcano (pitch black) until we got the top and we watched the sunset. There was a little hut on the top that made you breakfast and coffee. Amazing. Unforgettable.

    Hope this helps a little!

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    • Debbie L.

      Debbie L.

      This is such an awesome answer, and congrats on the nuptials! By the way, I'm a community manager here and I've helped you highlight the places in your answer on a map! In the future, you can do this yourself as you answer a question by simply typing the @-symbol followed by the name of the place. Take a look at your map next to your answer :) · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Nusa Dua (attraction)
    2. Ubud (city)
    3. Kuta (neighborhood)
    4. Alila Ubud (hotel)
    5. Rice Terraces (attraction)

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