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Hong Kong

Kaman from Hong Kong asked

How bad is the rain in february in Bali?

I'm visiting Bali in February and i know that it's rain season. But how bad does it rain usually? like the entire day? or just showers in the morning and good in the afternoon? If it's raining a lot..which area in Bali should i stay (where they have at least some indoor places to visit). Many thanks.

Bali   Ubud

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Aditya from Bali

Halo! Apa kabar?

Wet Monsoon Season

Bali's wet monsoon season is Oct-April, however it seems like it will start late this year, estimation mid-late December to Febuary or March. Rain can for last one day in Bali, but in the morning it oftens pours the least. 

Bali's Popular Area (in no order):

Ubud, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Uluwatu, Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran. 

During the raining season, I would highly reccommend Seminyak. It is the center of Bali's hot spot, offering many of the islands best bars, restaurants, hotels, villas and non-outdoor activities. The area is possible to travel by foot (and umbrella), short walking distance to the beach.  

Seminyak is nearby many popular areas such as Nusa Dua Beach(15min drive), Uluwatu(20min), Canggu(5min), Kuta, (15min), Airport (10min) for reference. 

Other reccomendations: Nusa Dua, Jimbaran.

Places to Avoid: Ubud, or anywhere near the mountain.

Tips: Take flights that arrives morning or midday (avoid long rainfall delays), bring mosquito repellant! Your hotel SHOULD offer you free umbrellas. 

Summary: You should be able to enjoy many activities in Bali during the rainy season, there are alot of places to discover indoor as well as outdoor, regardless of the rainfall. 

Enjoy your trip!

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hi. that's a good answer. Did you know you can auto-create a map if you type the '@' sign before you mention a place name. We've done it for you this time. Try it yourself next time. It makes answers so much more useful for the readers. cheers

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Seminyak (city)
  2. Nusa Dua Beach (attraction)
  3. Uluwatu (attraction)
  4. Canggu (attraction)
  5. Kuta (neighborhood)
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Random from Seattle

Not bad at all.

In fact it is a beautiful rain.....

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