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  • Sunil Gupta
  • "Bachelor party destinations that aren't Las Vegas"

Sunil Gupta

Mountain View, California

Bachelor party destinations that aren't Las Vegas

I'm on my buddy's bachelor party planning committee and the other groomsman and I were all pretty set on doing it in Vegas, but we got to talking about doing it in other cities as well just to do something a little less cliche.  The wedding's not till next year, so we've got some time and we're open to flying anywhere within the U.S.  Are there any underrated bachelor party spots that I should know about?  By the way, we're not party animals at all, so it doesn't have to be as wild as Vegas either.

We haven't ruled out Vegas; just keeping open minds!

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  • Lance W.

    Lance W.

    Obviously it depends on what interests you. I went to New York City a few years ago for a bachelor's party. We went to a Yankees game and just hit a lot of bars and restaurants. If beer lovers you could try somewhere like Chicago or even Milwaukee to eat and drink. Sports, maybe find a city that has multiple sports opportunities. Outdoors, I hear Flagstaff, Ariz., is a really cool town (with good local beer and wine scene) and is basically the gateway to the Grand Canyon. And Denver provides all of the above: food and beer, sports and outdoors. · (0 likelikes)



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  • Trevor Morrow

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    I think mountain towns make great locations for non-Vegas bachelor parties, especailly during the warmer months if you and your crew aren't big skiers or snowboarders. The top towns that come to mind are Breckenridge , Jackson Hole , Banff , and Lake Tahoe . Each has its own unique flavor, but all will provide awesome outdoor adventure activities, bars, and restaurants. You'll also have options for where to stay (renting a house or staying at a hotel).

    If you want something more beach-centric and still a bit of a party, maybe try Cabo San Lucas . You can go deep sea fishing, ride ATVs, drink tequilla, and enjoy the pool and beach.

    I hope this helps bachelor party locaiton brainstorming. Good luck!

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    • Sunil G.

      Sunil G.

      Thanks for the suggestions man! These all sound way more like us than Vegas. I think the guys will definitely be into these. · (1 likelikes)

    • Trevor M.

      Trevor M.

      Hey Sunil. No problem, happy to help. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Breckenridge (city)
    2. Jackson Hole (city)
    3. Banff (city)
    4. Lake Tahoe (city)
    5. Cabo San Lucas (city)

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