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Cotabato City

Athens, Santorini, Rome, Milan, Zermatt, Munich, Fussen, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris

Eurotrip: 28 nights, 9 Countries, 12 Cities

Hi Travelers of the World!

I'm planning my first Eurotrip for this coming mid April to mid May 2015. I have tons of questions in my head and hopefully somebody could help me out figure this out. :)

I have 28 nights to enjoy and planning to cover 9 countries - 12 cities in total.

Following is my tentative itinerary: (PLEASE feel free to comment and suggest - I would be glad to hear from all of you! )

Athens: 3 days, 2 nights

Santorinni: 3 days, 2 nights

Rome: 3 days, 2 nights 

Milan: 2 days, 1 night (Need to pass by in order to get to Zermatt)

Zermatt: 2 days, 1 night (This is for Matterhorn and paraglyding adventure) 

Munich: 2 days, 1 night 

Fussen: Day tour (Neuschwanstein Castle)

Vienna: 3 days, 2 nights

Prague: 3 days, 2 nights

Amsterdam: 3 days, 2 nights (I'll take a flight for this one)

Belgium: 2 days, 1 night 

Paris: 3 days, 2 nights

Total of 18 of the 28 nights planned out so far. Therefore, I'm considering to add more locations and/or spend more time in each places I mentioned.

I want to hear your opinions regarding this. :)

Hope to hear from all of you.


16 Answers

top answer by
Federica from Milan, Italy

Hi! Visit EXPO in Milan during your trip, you can't missi it! You can find good accommodation on, is like airbnb but "made in italy"! If you need a local friend in Milan you can book an experience with local people on Guide Me Right!

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answered by
Emily from Chicago

Hi Cess-

How exciting, your first trip to Europe! While I completely understand the desire to see as many cities/places as possible, my best advice is to cut down on the number of cities and countries you try and visit. It's so tempting to try and see as many as possible, since everything is relatively close together in Western Europe, but doing so can mean spending just as much time getting places as enjoying them. Not to mention it's exhausting!

Without getting into the details of specifically where to go, I'd encourage to maybe be more regional in your approach. For example, stick to Italy and Greece or Germany and France, you get the idea. This will cut down on the travel time between places and allow you to really  enjoy the cities you do visit.

Think about the cities/countries you know well and how much people would miss if they only spent a couple days there. Some of my favorite things to do while traveling are to wander from the beaten path, get lost and experience a place the way the locals do, beyond the tourist attractions. Doing so helps me understand a place much more than just seeing the sites.

Safe travel and enjoy! 

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answered by
Michael from San Leandro

My one must see for Athens is the National Archaeological Museum. The new Arcopolis Museum is nice but crowded. The Archeological museum has the best items from Ancient Greece. The death mask of Agamemnon. The statues of Paraxtelis. The laurel crown of Phillip the second. We spent three hours marveling at the collection. You could spend three days. 

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answered by
Snorre from Skien

This is to ambitious. You say 18 nights, and that is max 19 days, but already you have used  29 days.  Traveling takes time.  Reduce the number of places, stay longer.  You need one week at last to see places like Rome or Athens.  Or do you only want to say "been there" to impress people?

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answered by
Jacqui from London

Gosh! What a hectic tour! We did a similar one (9 cities in 25 days) in 2010. If this is your first time around Europe, I can understand that you want to see everything. However, you will be exploring all day and trying to fit in night life, which can be exhausting. After our trip in 2010 we made a rule that we would spend at least 3 days in each destination, unless it was a stop over. I wouldn't add anymore to your tour - but try to spend longer in the places you are going. 

In 3 days (minimum) you really get the most out of the destination because you spend the first day on a (Sanderman's) walking tour/hop-on-hop-off bus tour to learn the basics about the city and get your head around the layout. You should also speak to tour guides, hostel people and locals to see what they recommend you don't miss. Then the next two days you can explore attractions and sites as you like. 

Allowing more time means you won't miss out on anything. For example, in Paris you will probably want to walk down the famous Champs-Élysées, see the Arc de Triomphe, go up the Eiffel Tower and explore the treasures and Mona Lisa in the The Louvre - you could be in a queue for hours. The Eiffel Tower lines can be 3 - 4 hours on a nice day and you would spend at least an hour or more going up and back down. Then you could spend an entire day in the area of Montmartre with it's Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, the Place du Tertrethe Moulin Rouge and it's Parisian night life. (more here: 

Other destinations, such as Prague, you might not need more than a full day and night to explore as they are much smaller.  

Neuschwanstein Castle is beautiful and can easily be done in a day from Munich's central train station with a day tour group (for around 40euro).  

Amsterdam is awesome for it's culture, so many museums and picturesque scenery. (

Your itinerary makes sense as you can easily catch trains and buses between these destinations. But be aware that your time will be eaten up on trains and buses (or in airports). If you can do it, try to travel overnight - this will also save on accommodation expenses. 

Check out for transport options.

You are going at a brilliant time of the year. It will probably be too cold to go swimming anywhere, but warm enough not to worry about heavy clothes (though always take a light jacket!). There will also be less crowds. I love travelling in spring! Look out for spring festivals - like the first weekend in Munich is the Spring Festival, which is just like a mini Oktoberfest. We went this year and it was so much fun (  

Have fun and good luck! I hope you fit it all in!

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answered by
Ragan from Nebraska

Wow! You are going to be exhausted! If I were you I would plan to have some down time and just wander! We took 2 of our kids to Europe for their first time and the only thing they wanted to do was just LOOK! just absorb the place they were in..

We have been to Fussen twice and have stayed at a little hotel with a restaurant that is family owned and very accomodating! They opened up a huge family room/apt to sleep the 4 of us! It's Alstadt zum Hecten on ritterstrasse..this town is a wonderful place to wander! There are castles, other than  Neuschwanstein Castle and great stores and architecture..

when you wander you never know what you will find! The quote we always keep in mind is "travel like you will return, not like it's the only time you will be there" so far we have managed 3 trips and are planning the next one! Good luck and have a great time! 

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answered by
John from Carlsbad (California)

This is already a very ambitious number of stops for 28 days.  You have a lot of travel time between some of these stops.  When you stay 2 nights in one place, you really get only one full day at a location and depending on where you are coming from and going to, maybe another half day or so.  Given the places you already have, I would add one more night in Athens, 3 more nights in Rome, one more night in Munich, one more night in Vienna, one more night in Prague and 3 more nights in Paris. 

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answered by
Julie from York

Hi Cess,

This sounds like an amazing (if a bit rushed) European adventure. Honestly I wouldn't try and cram any more in - you'll be exhausted!

From my personal experiences, I'd favour Siena or Bologna over Milan. If you REALLY want to do Milan, you could do it in a day; and then add a day onto Rome, as there's loads to see there. Alternatively, as another responder suggested, is to visit beautiful Lake Como Comer See instead. It's a gorgeous spot.

I don't know how much of an issue budget is for you, but you could swap Vienna for Budapest if you need to cut back on spending. Budapest is absolutely stunning in my opinion, and less touristed than Prague. I spent a very happy 5 days there in September.

Neuschwanstein Castle is gorgeous - definitely a good choice! If you have an interest in history (and can deal with a moving experience), then the former concentration camp of Dachau , which isn't far from Munich is worth a visit. It's a very honest and sympathetically-done museum these days.

Have a wonderful trip in Europe.


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  7. Budapest (city)
  8. Prague (city)
  9. Neuschwanstein Castle (attraction)
  10. Dachau (attraction)
  11. Munich (city)
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answered by
Edward from Brazil

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  2. Barcelona (city)
  3. Madrid (city)
  4. Seville (city)
  5. Granada (city)
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answered by

Milan is a busy busy armpit.  Instead, Comer See is one hour north of Milan and there are lots of hotels overlooking the water.  The train from Stazione Roma Termini to Como S. Giovanni takes about 4 1/2 hours and runs at least every other hour.  Check the germans are very thorough.

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answered first by
Ashley from Calgary

Highly suggest stopping in Florence between Rome and Milan. Florence is our favourite Italian city, far better than Milan and it would be sad if you didn't stop by! If you are in Milan and are interested in seeing the Last Supper book in advance, we had no luck getting in. Pisa is also a short trip from Florence easy day trip if you are staying in Florence. 

Also suggest doing a champagne or wine tour in France, really enjoyable.  Aix-en-Provence is lovely for wine or if you don't want to travel far a day trip to Reims to do champagne tasting is nice as well -- they have a the Reims Cathedral that the majority of French kings had their coronation in. Also in France (we love France), Strasbourg is gorgeous and borders Germany so it's within the vicinity of places you'll be in.

Loved Fussen, it is a little crazy and you do quite a bit of waiting but it is beautiful.

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  4. Pisa (attraction)
  5. Aix-en-Provence (city)
  6. Reims (city)
  7. Reims Cathedral (attraction)
  8. Strasbourg (city)
  9. Fussen (city)
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answered by
Anna from Athens

Well I don't want to go into specifics about time allocation, but yeah I'd add one more day to Paris!

Now I'm here to answer about Athens and Santorini.

The time you've allocated for each one is perfect. 2 days for Athens is OK for the basics which are : Acropolis of AthensAcropolis Museum, walk around the Acropolis, walk in Plaka, pass through the National Gardens, go up Mt Lycabettus (it's a hill actually with great view).

I have a quick guide on my blog here:

Now as for Santorini, you go early in the year, so the sea will be cold. So your best bet is walking around Fira and Oia. Also do visit Pyrgos village, Akrotiri archaeological site and at least a winery for wine tasting. Santo Wines is closer to the city. I've visited Boutaris and Sigalas wineries because I have friends working there. Sigalas (and the other wineries as well, but his I like the most) makes a really sweet wine called Vinsanto. Do try it! They drink it along with fruits or dessert. And do try Nykteri white wine too!

I also have a guide to Santorini, here:

Happy planning and have a nice trip!

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  6. Mt Lycabettus (attraction)
  7. Oia (city)
  8. Akrotiri (attraction)
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answered by
Cristina from Brussels

That's too much ground to cover for my taste but if you manage to go to Belgium, you could visit Ghent and Bruges in one day (both are lovely places and they have the same chocolate and beer selection like Brussels, only a rather short train ride from the capital). Brussels is not exciting, unless a local brings you to the hidden places.

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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Slow your roll. First off, very hard to do efficient packing in different climates. Remember to layer and pack light (yes even for a month). Secondly, your head will be spinning from all this moving around.. I just did a month in Spain and Italy (including my second year in a row in Barcelona) and even that was too much. My advice pick 4 or 5 cities at most. Paris is a 4 Day minimum. Same with Rome. Rethink my friend and slow down enough to meet people, eat the food, people watch from a cafe, and stumble across an event or location that you had not anticipated but will remember the rest of your life.

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  3. Rome (city)
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answered by
Veronica from Kungälv

I have been in Milan - where you must see the Duomo Di Milano and the Galleria Milano. In Rome there are sooo much to see, especially if you're interested in history. Let me know if you want to know more! =)

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answered by
Roxanne from Montreal

For your city choices, it remains quite personal.  Read about your destinations beforhand and go for it.

To travel city to city, inquire about the eurail passes at You will find different interesting options.

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