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British Columbia

Asia, Thailand, China, Korea

My daughter and I would love to go to Asia ..Where do we start ??

We would love to see Thailand and China ..(the Great Wall) should we take a tour .. We are thinking about going for 3 weeks at the end of June .. Is it too hot there to go at that time.. Maybe also Korea .. Any ideas would be great .. we would love to be able to swim in the beautiful waters of Thailand also ..Thank you

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Linda from Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh

I'm very bias towards Cambodia after living here for 2 years and totally in love with the place. I've gone jungle, cultural, historic, arty, and observed the capital city of Phnom Penh evolve practically overnight. There are plenty of give-back opportunities if you are that way inclined, which just deepens the experience. 10-days in Cambodia could certainly fill an interesting agenda. Always happy to answer your Q's directly ...

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Sharon from Hong Kong

It will be too hot there (25ºC - 30ºC) but if you were to begin your Asia trip, start off in Hong Kong first and venture off from there. Koh Samui Island in Thailand is amazing too. China is quite polluted especially in Beijing, but Great Wall Of China or even the Terracotta Warriors Of Xi'an are amazing must see wonders of the world. 

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  7. Terracotta Warriors Of Xi'an (attraction)
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Alex from London

Anita, you are in for some hot and humid weather! Remember too that June is the beginning of monsoon so be ready for rain. Having said that, you will be experiencing a typical season so don't let the heat scare you off if this is the time of  year you have free to travel!

Understanding your intention is to pack-up a few countries, I suggest you choose a major city hub where you can easily get a cheaper return long-haul flight and then country-hop with low-cost airlines in the region (Tiger Air, Asiana, Silk Air, etc).  

If you choose Hong Kong, you can get bargain flights into mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing) and neighborhing Macau.  You can also easily fly to other SE Asian countries from HK but, if China is not your priority, perhaps focus your search a bit more west.

Because you want some good beach time, I would actually suggest a hub in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore (even maybe Bangkok though curfews may still  be place).  Singapore is always a top choice for me, not only because it is convenient but also because it is so multicultural, easy to navigate and has incomperable (and safe/hygienic) food.

From each of these hubs, you can easily choose a country to explore.  Cambodia is one of my favourite places, Siem Reap is spectacular and the country's beaches are said to rival Thailand (minus the tourists). Thailand's Phuket also still has a few good secluded spots (avoid  staying in Patong) and you can also visit Koh Phi Phi and the Hongs. Further North nearer Chiang Mai, you can visit the hill tribes of Thailand and Cambodia, and beautiful rice paddy mountains. Vietnam and Laos are also easily accessible.

Hope this helps and safe travels!

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  10. Siem Reap (city)
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answered by
Nancie from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi Anita. I have lived in South Korea for the past 14 years. It will be hot here at the end of June. We've had some days of +30 already this year. Great Wall Of China and Thailand will also be hot. Thankfully, there is lots of AC in all three countries. July is usually wet season in South Korea, so do bring an umbrella. When I did the Great Wall of China I took a tour, which was very flexible. The bus, with guide, took us to the Wall, and then we were on our own for several hours. We didn't have to follow the guide around, which was fantastic. If I can answer any other questions, please give me a shout!

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  2. Great Wall Of China (city)
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Tina from Roeselare

We have been to Thailand 6 times… so yes it is a great country to visit and very nice people. I really liked the jungle ( sleeping in tree houses) and the lake near Khao Sok National Park but also the area near Phuket ( not the city itself) where you should take a boat and maybe visit Koh Yao Noi. Depends off course if you want culture or nature… because the nord is also very interesting: Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai…. enjoy!

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  1. Phuket (city)
  2. Koh Yao Noi (island)
  3. Chiang Mai (city)
  4. Khao Sok National Park (park)
  5. Ayutthaya (state)
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answered by
Karlo from Philippines

Hi Anita,

If you like beautiful waters, here are your options:

Thailand - Krabi, Phuket

Philippines - El Nido or Coron, BoholBoracay Island

Indonesia -Bali

if you really want to go to Thailand, why not do a Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam tour? Tours are friendly for tourists if you want that option. 

do know that the places above are tropical countries, and June July are rainy seasons - like its possible to rain everyday.

China, Japan, and Korea are good alternatives. It will be summer that time in these places. Prices for Japan and Korea are a little more steep than other places in Asia but if youre not concerned about that, then these are options for cultural destinations. Tours here are very organized so you wont have a problem getting information.

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  2. Krabi (city)
  3. Phuket (city)
  4. Philippines (country)
  5. El Nido (city)
  6. Coron (city)
  7. Bohol (attraction)
  8. Boracay Island (island)
  9. Indonesia (country)
  10. Bali (island)
  11. Cambodia (country)
  12. Vietnam (country)
  13. China (country)
  14. Japan (country)
  15. Korea (region)
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answered by
Chris from Chiang Mai, Thailand

No, June's not too hot, although there might be some fairly hot days. There are plenty of islands in the south, although I'd really encourage you to take in Chiang Mai in the north. It's a beautiful second city worth at least 2-3 days. Chiang Rai is fine for a day or two, although we haven't traveled far south to the islands.

I'm actually an expert on Korea - spent five years and wrote the book, literally, on the unusual / bizarre destinations around the country. It's called Weird and Wonderful Korea, and contains over 100+ of Korea's weirdest destinations. A lot of information is on my blog as well - =)

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  1. Chiang Mai (city)
  2. Chiang Rai (city)
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answered by
Emi from San Francisco

We did a tour with and LOVED every second. Seriously amazing! Asia was much more manageable with a tour to take us around, and there were great prices. We saw everything we wanted to and there was little stress! See more here to show all that it offers:

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answered by
cao from Paris

Personally, I preferred the itinerary Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand. Coming from Europe or America and landing in Singapore is tha best way, after that visit Cambodia with a lot of interesting to see and ended in Thailand . 

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  1. Singapore (country)
  2. Cambodia (country)
  3. Thailand (country)
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answered by
Tony from Seattle

Whew, Asia is HUGE.  I'd recommend doing some research and trying to narrow it down to one or two countries tops for three weeks unless you want to spend a lot of your time in planes/trains/cars.  Thailand alone could occupy a month, and (if you're not a veteran of the region) would be your best bet to start.  Unfortunately, Thailand is fairly soggy in June (it's driest months are in winter-- Dec/Jan/Feb are a good target).

For June, you could consider Bali Indonesia-- that's one of its driest months.  The people are sweet (once you get out of the resort area) and the beaches are lovely.

My wife and I had never been to Asia and decided to travel around independently versus a tour and we had virtually no problems with Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.  I've heard China can be more challenging.

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answered by
Umar from Jakarta

I think you should start from southeast asia, there are many exotic destinations there, have access with pacific asia, southeast asia also has many beautiful beaches and worthed to visit. As you mentioned one of them, Thailand  has Railay Beach and Koh Phi Phi beach, and some heritage sites. Not far from Thailand, Indonesia has many natural tourism destinations, beaches, mountains, rain forests, etc. Hopefully this info can help, have a great traveling in asia

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  2. Railay Beach (attraction)
  3. Koh Phi Phi (attraction)
  4. Indonesia (country)

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