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Are there any sites like Airbnb, but focused on long term travel?

Hi there!

I want to explore the whole sharing economy and I was wondering if there are sites similar to Airbnb, but primary for long time stay. I wanted to move somewhere in Taiwan, Turkey or Kenya for 1 or 2 months while having both pleasure time and working remotely. Airbnb due to it's focus on short time stay can be pricey.


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Alejandro from Singapore

Try They are similar to Airbnb but focus on professionally managed properties. So instead of staying in someone's apartment while they are gone they rent out properties that are not permanently occupied. The chances for longer term rents are pretty good.


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Abbi from Northeast and don't focus on long term stays, but I know a lot of people have used them for that purpose. I trust these sites completely and now use them for all my travel - within the US and international. Just be sure to read the reviews before booking a spot! 

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answered by
Emily from Chicago

If you really want to embrace the "sharing" part of the sharing economy, try Just like the name indicates it matches users to exchange/swap homes for an agreed upon time period, eliminating the cost of paying for lodging!

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Roxanne from Montreal

For my part, i prefer renting an appartment for longer stays. I'used But I don't know if the are prenst in the countries you're planning. 

I recently found a house sitting site but you need to love cats and dogs.  You stay free of charge to take care of the fury friends while there. Haven't used it yet but it look good

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answered by
Louise from Los Angeles

Hey David, 

I'd strongly suggest - they've been called the cheaper and more adventurous airbnb. You're able to rent short or long term. Right now I'd suggest anywhere in South America for long term stays because the hosts there are extremely hospitable and will make you feel at home. Their listings go as low as $5 a night but a realistic comfortable stay would be to stay in their clean & comfortable hovels that start at $11 a night...I'd also suggest places like the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand for long term living too! Hope this helps :) 

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answered by
Jae from Singapore

How about share-work-exchange websites like,,, or

I know some of these websites allow you to skip the work or exchange portion and straight-up pay for your stay. 

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Vit from Marrakech

Well I think you can use even Airbnb for long term. I travel a lot and from time to time I work along the way. Now I'm in Marrakech managing already 6 months one riad here. I'm using Airbnb, Flipkey, VRBO, HomeAway, Wimdu, Roomorama and few others. I set up all these systems in my riad so there is all the time an option for long term rent but many owners and managers doesn't use it because don't understand there are people who may want to use this option......

I can write few hours about this but for you is more important this. From my traveling/managing experience I can reccomend one dirty trick. Some of my guests (and me when I'm on the way) trying to get better price this way: they choose several riads or appartments or rooms and they will sent to all of them same message.: hello, Im so and so I love your place and I wan to stay there 2, 3, 5 ect. months. Can you give me price for long term. Many of them dont react at all, some will set unreasonable price but at the end you' ll find somebody who understand its win win situation because of better price for you and they don have to worry if they will rent their place in low season.......

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answered by
Shannon from Shanghai

I agree that many of the sites here let you find longer term stays, or do a search for the particular city (as one person mentioned, you might find individuals or other more local sites). I also highly recommend for those taking sabbatical/career break stays. And, we've had a great experience with house sitting (several different sites) though that is more and more competitive.

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answered by
Emma from Ballarat

You might know this already, but on airbnb, owners have the option of giving a monthly price, which is often quite a bit cheaper than the daily price.  

The other place I've found reasonable monthly prices is on Craigslist. Although, of course, that's no exactly what you are looking for. Like you, I'm a slow traveler, so I'm interested to see if anyone else knows of the kind of site you are looking for. 

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Hi David, 

I think this is the perfect web you are looking for, even though I am not sure they got apartments in Taiwan, Turkey or Kenya already, but you can check it for yourself here: 

answered by
Xavier from Barcelona

If you really want to explore the whole sharing economy you have to try The benefit of Airbnb at cero accommadation cost or as TechCrunch said: MyTwinPlace Is Like Airbnb For Housing Swaps

answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Met people last year that rent flats and homes for month long periods through airbnb. Most recently, Paris. A bit on the outskirts of the city but everything accessible by bus and trains plus dishwasher, laundry, and internet. It's definitely possible.

answered by
Ed from Salt Lake City

I've read the answers offered so far, and I'm going to chime in here because I advertise on some of these sites, and what I'm reading here sounds like the blind leading the blind.  (No offense intended.)

Homeaway, VRBO, Airb'nb, all these sites, don't own anything but the website.  They are nothing but advertisers for the owners. All the properties are independently owned and use these sites because that's where people are looking. The owners can make any deal that they care to.  There is nothing to preclude you from finding a long term furnished apartment on any of these sites, and most owners will give you a break over the short term rate displayed.  I think most owners would prefer longer bookings no matter where they advertise. 

As much as these sites try to give the impression that they are something more, they have no investment in the property and cannot dictate anything to the owners about how to run their business.  Here's a clue to all you people who try to sort through the properties on your smart phone or tablet:  at least look at the text that owners have written, that's where the real information is.  The stuff that is displayed on small screens is mostly site-generated boilerplate that often contradicts the real story on any given property page you are looking at!  The properties are not standardized in any way no matter how much the sites' templates make those impressions.  For example, I have six units under the same roof in Salt Lake City (might as well give myself a plug) to handle any size party of guests, and VRBO does everything it can to hide that fact.  Even if a site wanted to specialize in some type of property or some length of stay, it would have no effect on who advertises there.  The only time these paid advertisers will turn away money is when they find out an advertiser doesn't even have a property, which will come to their attention fairly quickly.  I hope this provides some transparency to what they do.  I'd be happy to answers any other questions on Vacation Rentals, just ask!

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