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Portland (Maine)


Where else to go besides Amsterdam?

I will be flying into Amsterdam for a week, and I am wondering where else should I go from Amsterdam because I was told I could finish Amsterdam in two days.

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Tiffany from Corvallis

The beauty of the Netherlands is that you can get from Amsterdam to the south of the country in just two hours, which means that the entire country is open to you.

If you're traveling by rail, you have several great options depending on what sort of things you like.

Take the train to Alkmaar, visit the town and see their famous cheese market on Fridays. If you love nature and beaches, go farther north by train to Den Helder, then take the 30 minute ferry to Texel island. You can walk and bike this tiny island and enjoy beaches and nature preserves.

Another route north is to take the train to Purmerend, then taxi (or drive if you have car) to Volendam, Edam, and Zaanse Schans which are all very close and bikable.

If you want to see another great museum, take the train to Den Haag to see all of the Vermeer paintings and others in the Mauritshuis. (   Scheveningen is a beach town nearby. It's touristy, but has a nice wide beach.

From The Hague (Den Haag) by train, you can also get to both Gouda and Delft directly. Both are beautiful old towns with large city squares and tiny canals running through them. Gouda is known for cheese and there is a cheese market there as well.  Delft is known for the beautiful blue and white pottery that bears the same name.

Although there isn't a direct train to Kinderdijk, a stop south of Rotterdam would get you close enough for a quick taxi ride - perhaps at Barendrecht. It is worth it. You only need a couple hours, but this canal lined with windmills is one of my favorite and most beautiful spots in The Netherlands.

Pick any of the above, but allow yourself at least a day for a trip to what is one of my favorite Dutch cities and the oldest city in The Netherlands. Maastricht is amazing. You'll see an old Roman door, the Helpoort near the waterfront. A Roman wall still circles part of the city through buildings and along a greenspace. You can walk aside of it or on top of it for fun views of the city.  Pedestrian bridges will take you across the Maas River. The Vrijthof and Markt are both great city squares to park at (underground) if you're driving or to visit on a walking tour. You can walk the entire city quite easily. If you're a foody, try a coffee at Coffeelovers, then have an ice cream at Gelateria Luna Rossa and a chocolate at the famous Chocolatier Friandises.  For books, go to Selexyz Dominicanen. Mostly, just walk, eat, explore, and enjoy the city. People are friendly and speak English.To help, you can find more information and plan your trip using the website or the Eurorail websites. Both have great information and will give you even more options. I just listed my favorites.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. Alkmaar (city)
  3. Den Helder (city)
  4. Texel (attraction)
  5. Purmerend (city)
  6. Volendam (city)
  7. Edam (city)
  8. Zaanse Schans (neighborhood)
  9. Den Haag (attraction)
  10. Scheveningen (city)
  11. Gouda (city)
  12. Delft (city)
  13. Kinderdijk (attraction)
  14. Maastricht (attraction)
  15. Selexyz Dominicanen (attraction)
  16. Rotterdam (city)
  17. Mauritshuis (attraction)
  18. Helpoort (attraction)
  19. Vrijthof (attraction)
  20. Markt (city)
  21. Coffeelovers (restaurant)
  22. Gelateria Luna Rossa (restaurant)
  23. Chocolatier Friandises (attraction)
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answered first by
Marinus from Amsterdam

Many other cities by train. Rotterdam, The Hague & Utrecht are all great dutch cities about an hour by train away from Central Station NL. (

You can also go to Haarlem, Volendam & Zaanse Schans by bus. 

If you feeling adventurous, you can also go with the High Speed train to Brussels (2 hours), Paris (3 hours), Cologne (2 hours) and many others. (

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  1. Rotterdam (city)
  2. The Hague (attraction)
  3. Utrecht (city)
  4. Haarlem (attraction)
  5. Volendam (city)
  6. Zaanse Schans (neighborhood)
  7. Brussels (city)
  8. Paris (city)
  9. Cologne (city)
  10. Central Station NL (attraction)
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answered by
Rozina from Amsterdam

The Hague is really close, about an hour train ride. It has a beach (Scheveningen) and several museums where you can see the history of Netherlands. Noordeinde Palace is in The Hague as well. Rotterdam is  just next to The Hague, modern city with stunning architecture and lively city center. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Hague (attraction)
  2. Scheveningen (city)
  3. Noordeinde Palace (attraction)
  4. Rotterdam (city)
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answered by
Agnes from The Hague

Dear Tienzai, I wonder who told you to finish Amsterdam in 2 days.. it all depends what your interest are of course. If the weather is nice you can visit the seaside and go for lunch and beachwalk to observe the Dutch families how they spend their freetime. It is very easy from Amsterdam Central Station NL you should take the train to 'Zandvoort ( 30 min) .

And if you fancy another atmosphere you can go to Den Haag ( The Hague ) which is were the government is situated. You can stroll through the old town, take a drink at 'Het Plein' , many things to see and to do. The person who told you to finish Amsterdam in 2 days is a bit silly. Have a great trip!

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  1. Central Station NL (attraction)
  2. Zandvoort (attraction)
  3. Den Haag (attraction)
  4. Het Plein (attraction)
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answered by
ivan from Panama

Your should go to Utrecht, is just 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam, If you want to visit the Royal Palace Pronk, The Binnenhof (where the Dutch Parliament is) and many other governmental buildings, then Den Haag definitely should be in your itinerary.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Utrecht (city)
  2. Amsterdam (city)
  3. Royal Palace Pronk (attraction)
  4. Binnenhof (attraction)
  5. Den Haag (attraction)
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answered by
David from Austin (Texas)

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it's a reasonable short train ride away from Amsterdam.  While you're in Amsterdam, definitely rent a bike to get around, and if you want, you can bike straight out of the city and explore the amazing countryside surrounding it. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bruges (city)
  2. Amsterdam (city)
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answered by
Joshua from Reno

Amsterdam has a lot of great attractions, while you can see most of the tourist things in a few days, you should definitely look into day trips w/ a rental car.  There are so many small villages outside of Amsterdam.

- Spaarndam

- Muiden

- Broekhuizen in Waterland

If you head south to Belgium, I would skip Brussels and go right to Bruges if your short on time.

If your going to France, you can totally rent a car and drive anywhere you want.  France was one of the most GPS friendly places I have been.  Pound in your destination and you get there no time.

Also, one thing that you might want to check out is the Non Profit -  I thought this was a joke but when I called them up and got connected in Paris, the guide was amazing.  Saw parts of Paris I would have totally missed.

Best of luck.


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Broekhuizen (city)
  2. Belgium (attraction)
  3. France (attraction)
  4. Spaarndam (city)
  5. Muiden (city)
  6. Bruges (city)
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answered by
Roldan from Singapore

You can go to Volendam, it is a popular tourist attraction. Some of its residents  still wear their traditional costumes. I'd recommend you try their fish and chips :)

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  1. Volendam (city)
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answered by
Angélique from Amersfoort

You can go to Utrecht, Den Haag (Scheveningen), Rotterdam the most big city's of Holland

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Utrecht (city)
  2. Den Haag (attraction)
  3. Scheveningen (city)
  4. Rotterdam (city)
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answered by
Elizabeth Eleanor Louise Yasmine Ivy Norgaard from Netherlands

You should go to Noord-Brabant.

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  1. Noord-Brabant (region)
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answered by
Thomas from Vancouver

Haarlem is a 15 minute train ride away, its amazing for shopping and restaurants. It also has a much calmer vibe to it. 

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  1. Haarlem (attraction)

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