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Prabhakar asked

Need help in covering maximum of places near amsterdam in 15 days in septem

Hi guys,

Am travelling to amsterdam this september

1st week. I will be there for 15 days. Am trying to cover as many places and countries as practically are possible but am not able to decide which places would be good to visit in september. I need your advise in planning my trip.

Tx in advance


Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2 Answers
answered by
Terry from Sarasota
As Janelle pointed out, train service in Europe is outstanding. And in fact, my wife and I have taken the train from Amsterdam to Bruges and it was a great trip (If you are interested in what we did in Amsterdam and Bruges, see our Blog Site Post at ).
Amsterdam is a surprisingly easy place to walk about, we stayed on Rembrandt Square and had our choice of Trollies, water taxis or walking. We wound up trying them all, but found that walking allowed us to make side-trips where we saw something interesting. 
If you are interested in museums, go to the Museumplein where you will find an incredible Van Gogh Museum !  Be sure to get a ticket online before you depart, because the ticket lines can be very long!
The Anne Frank House is another stop that many people like to visit, but the lines to get in are always very long. My advice would be to get your visit tickets online and try to go as early in the day as possible.
The original house that Rembrandt lived in is "visitable" and very near to Rembrandt Square.
There are numerous day trips available from a number of tour bus companies, I can highly recommend a trip to Zaanse Schans.
Bruges, Belgium is a very scenic city, and interesting perhaps for several days - but no longer.
You could easily consider taking the train from Bruges to Brussels to allow you to use one of the European low-cost Airlines (Ryan Air, etc). This would broaden your ability to visit any number of European locations.  We have been to Paris numerous times and have enjoyed it immensely (see our Travel Blog site for some of our adventures in France).
Munich is another of our favorite European cities, I worked for Siemens there for seven years and have had adventures all around Bavaria, Some of our favorites are Neuschwanstein CastleFestung HohensalzburgNurembergDachau Concentration CampRothenburg Ob der Tauber.  Everything you have ever heard about German's and beer is probably true!!
A lot of people are going to tell you not to spend too little time in any given location.  We do not particularly agree, but the time to spend anywhere should be driven by the things you want to see and do (for a good list of how we approach Travel Planning, see our Blog Post at ). We spend time preparing for what we want to do and see, and that list dictates how long we will then stay in a given location.  The bottom line is that if you find that a given location shows great promise and a lot of things to do and see, then spend as much time there as you need to do those things. Do not remain somewhere for "too long" just because it is scenic !
Have fun and I hope I've given you some food for thought.

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answered first by
Janelle from Charleston

Dexter, perhaps the biggest mistake one can make when travelling is to try to cram too many destinations in too little time.  Nothing is much worse than coming home from your trip thinking about all the places you wanted to see but ended up not having enough time for.  Whenever I take a trip such as yours (i.e. multiple cities/countries in 2 weeks) I try to spend at least 2 nights in each place. 

The great thing about Continental Europe is that distances between cities/countries are usually short, and your next destination is seldom more than a few hours away. 

I'd recommend spending at least 3 full days in Amsterdam.  From there, I'd recommend Leiden, Delft or The Hague in the Netherlands, Bruges or Antwerp in Belgium, Cologne, Hamburg, Rothenburg Ob der Tauber or Koblenz in Germany, Paris (I'd recommend at least 4-5 days there), Normandy, Rouen or Mont Saint-Michel in France, or London (again, I'd recommend at least 4-5 days). Do some research, and pick 2, 3 or 4 of these that interest you the most.

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  13. Mont Saint-Michel (city)
  14. London (city)

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