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First time in Amsterdam. Please help with my two day itinerary.

Hoping to get your advice! My boyfriend and I have decided to splurge on a two-day excursion to Amsterdam during our trip to Rotterdam because we’ve heard so many incredible things about it. We’ve been scouring the Internet for what we want to see and I’m trying to create an itinerary from our list. I’ve tried to organize it by area but I’m really not sure if what I’ve put together will work so I’d love some advice--neither of us has been there and we want to make the most out of every minute!

First day (we’re taking an early train here so hoping to get into town around 10 or so):
Waterlooplein Flea Market (we think maybe 2-3 hours for this)
The Red Light District (I could easily skip this but my boyfriend is curious--allowing 1 hour for this at most)
Oude Kerk Church (one hour?)
Vakbondsmuseum (this is really more for the architecture than the museum itself, so we would be quick here--maybe an hour?)
Late lunch or early dinner somewhere on the Rembrantplein (would love a recommendation)
Albert Cuypmarkt or the Bloemenmarkt (need help deciding)
Need dinner recommendation

Second day:
The Van Gogh Museum (is two hours enough for this?)
Rijksmuseum (is an hour or so enough for this?)
Lunch--we would love a recommendation for a nice outdoor place here if possible
Head over to the Anne Frank museum -- what is the best way to get here? We were thinking either by boat or even bike if possible so we can be outside and see everything
Anne Frank museum (we really want to take our time here--is two hours enough?)
Either the Theater Museum or the Looier Antiques Center
Need early dinner recommendation in area
Taking last train at 8 pm

Looking forward to any suggestions or feedback you have!

6 Answers

answered first by
Wessel from Amsterdam

Hi I would not visit the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (you can spend a day in the Rijksmuseum) in one day and divide it over the two different days.

I would avoid the Rembradtplein and Leidseplein, for they are very touristic. You can spend some time on the Albert Cuypmarkt and surrounding district (called De Pijp). The Anne Frank House is worth the visit, but prepare for a serious queue. Try to be there as early as possible. After the Anne Frank you can continue on the Prinsengracht towards the Noordermarkt (plenty of lunch places around the Noordermarkt).

The Red Light District is a must see if you have never visited Amsterdam before.

The best way to get around town is by bike. You can rent them everywhere. Most easy for you would probably to rent an OV-bike at the Amsterdam central train station.

Have fun.

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  4. Anne Frank House (attraction)
  5. Prinsengracht (attraction)
  6. Noordermarkt (attraction)
  7. Red Light District (attraction)
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answered by

Hi Janelle,

I would suggest that you skip the Rembrandt- and Leidseplein, they are very touristic and the food isn't that great. Instead have lunch or dinner in De Pijp or even better De Jordaan (area around de Noordermarkt) It's the real Amsterdam and it's where the Dutch will go for a quick bite or a relaxed, casual, dinner with friends.

If you're into Asian food, I would recommend you any eating place on the Zeedijk ( A-Fusion or New King) It's all very delicious and good value for money.

Take your time to visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, one hour will be way too short. You'll spend easily 3 to 4 hours there as there is so much to see.

And yes: Go by bike for the real Dutch experience : ) You can rent them everywhere and they will cost you only a couple of bucks....


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  2. De Jordaan (attraction)
  3. Noordermarkt (attraction)
  4. Zeedijk (attraction)
  5. A-Fusion (attraction)
  6. New King (restaurant)
  7. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (attraction)
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answered by
Katharina from Vienna

Hi Janelle,

well it depends on your likes, but 3 hours Waterlooplein Fleamarket seems to much time there. But who knows, if you want to dwelve...I think with two hours you should be very ok. Oude Kerk Amsterdam you can do in half an hour. I have three recommendations, all different for you at Rembrandtplein: 1. have real dutch croquette Eetsalon Van Dobben in a dutch snackeria, it will seem very strange first but try it once, (it took me months to do but then I came back again and again), 2. opposite of Van Dobben there is an Asian place, also very good food and some of the most economic meals I know in Amsterdam (and I looked for some time, very good: Black bean Beef) 3. last but not least there is the very good but unpronouncable restaurant  Szmulewicz. All just off Rembrandtplein. Then I would go and have beer and Jenever and maybe to a concert or dancing or in the most beautiful cinema I know:  Pathé Tuschinski. you can also stroll and see the many flower-bulbs at Bloemenmarkt, it is just around the corner off Rembrandtplein.

For your second day:

One hour for Rijksmuseum is too little, but I am very much into art, and what you see there is so beautiful. I used to give tours there, also the Van Gogh, so I would take time  for that. I would also say choose one, and come back! If you happen to be in Amsterdam on a Saturday, the best place to have lunch is more of less opposite of Anne Frank Huis, on Noordermarkt a wonderful organic market, there you can have crepes or oysters or rookworst or fishbreadies or anything you like.

So enough! I hope you have a great trip and lots of smile-moments :)

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  4. Pathé Tuschinski (attraction)
  5. Noordermarkt (attraction)
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top answer by
Martina from London

Waterlooplein: not super fun, kinda small and in genareal a bit dogie if you don't wanna buy locks for your bike and stuff. I'd rather go to the pijp (Albert Cuypmarkt) for that wish is a much nicer area and more relaxed. 

Red Light District: If your going here it sould most def be dark, nothing really happens until 8 ish at night. But there's a great resturant at the top: really sweet hipster vibe with great food called Mata Hari.  And also great Chines food at Oriental City down the road. 

Oude Kerk:  You don't  need an hour for this. 

Vakbondsmuseum: never been so can't really say.

Late lunch or early dinner somewhere on the Rembrandtplein: rembrant is kind of messy, real turist trap, would rather have lunch in A De Jordaan at Cafe George or if your out in the De Pijp instead go to Boca's for tapas platters, or Little Collins for great brunch.

Albert Cuypmarkt or the Bloemenmarkt (need help deciding): Albert Cuypmarkt most def, you can go through the flowermarket if you pas it, but it's kinda short. 

Need dinner recommendation:  Balthazar's Keuken for epic dutch food or Moeders is also great. 

Second day:
The Van Gogh Museum (is two hours enough for this?): yep
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (is an hour or so enough for this?): This museum is huge, you can easily spend a day here so i would choose one. Either VGM or Rijks. 
Lunch: Maybe at 
Head over to the Anne Frank House: rent bikes first day, super sweet to get around that way. Else just take the tram.
Always a long cue to the museum but, if you realle wanna go you'd just have to wait it out. Not super fun museum though. 

Need early dinner recommendation in area: Balthazar  and cafe George is in the jordaan if you don't go there the first day. 

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  4. Oriental City (restaurant)
  5. Oude Kerk (attraction)
  6. Vakbondsmuseum (attraction)
  7. Rembrandtplein (attraction)
  8. De Jordaan (attraction)
  9. Cafe George (restaurant)
  10. De Pijp (attraction)
  11. Boca's (restaurant)
  12. Little Collins (restaurant)
  13. Albert Cuypmarkt (attraction)
  14. Bloemenmarkt (attraction)
  15. Balthazar's Keuken (restaurant)
  16. Moeders (restaurant)
  17. Van Gogh Museum (attraction)
  18. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (attraction)
  19. Anne Frank House (attraction)
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answered by

Please skip the flea market at the Waterlooplein, the Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, it is really not worth going there if you have only two days. It is easy to walk through the city, but biking is less exhausting and you save a lot of time. You may consider to drop your luggage in a luggage locker at the Damrak (just outside the central station - maybe good to book a locker upfront), you can also rent bikes at the same location.

Please also check whether you need to buy tickets for the Anna frank way in advance

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  2. Leidseplein (attraction)
  3. Rembrandtplein (attraction)
  4. Damrak (attraction)
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answered by

You could always visite the Waterlooplein. A free fleamarket in Amsterdam

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  2. Amsterdam (city)
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