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Bike paths or good bike routes for an inexperienced biker to take

I’ve heard so many people say that Amsterdam is a great city to see by bike, so I’m going to give it a go. I am not an experienced biker by any means, so I need some ideas for easy paths or just some good scenic routes where I won’t run into a lot of traffic. Not looking to get mowed down on vacation!

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Rozina from Amsterdam

Amsterdam city center is quite small and lacks of actual bike paths. The streets are narrow, almost no sidewalk, bikers just ride on the road. 

There are a few tips how you can make your riding experience better: 

  • Make sure you always ride on the right side of the road/bike path - try to be not in the way. Some bikers and taxi drivers are pretty crazy
  • Locals cross red lights, don't follow them! Stop at red lights and try to be polite with pedestrians.
  • If you bike with someone else please ride after each other, not side by side
  • When locking the bike use two locks, with the chain lock it to some street furniture. 

The best areas to ride the bike as a tourist:

Here's an example route from Mac Bikes to the Vondelpark You can turn on the 'Show bike paths' option which will show you the main designated bike paths in the city.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. De Herengracht (restaurant)
  2. Keizersgrachtkerk (attraction)
  3. Prinsengracht (attraction)
  4. Vondelpark (attraction)
  5. Westerpark (attraction)
  6. Oosterdok (attraction)
  7. Amstel (attraction)
  8. Tramhalte Stadhouderskade (attraction)
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answered first by
David from Netherlands

Hi James,

You will love this city! Basically let me explain you that all center and surroundings are full of bike paths, and mostly all center is flat, except for some bridges between canals, so in general is very easy to move on around by bike. 

If you want to avoid crowded paths of bikers, you will like to visit the center walking: Dam Square Amsterdam Central Station Red Light District Rembrandtplein, but some times you can miss it, specially going around Anne Frank House

My recomendation is to use the bike always you can, if you feel so stressed in some parts in the center, you can leave it anywhere and go walking, will not be a big deal. For a less crowded bike walk around the center, try going to Vondelpark, or if the wheater is really nice, you can go to Amsterdamse Bos and enjoy mid day biking between nice scenics paths crossing the forest. 

Have a nice stay in AMS!


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Dam Square (neighborhood)
  2. Red Light District (attraction)
  3. Rembrandtplein (attraction)
  4. Anne Frank House (attraction)
  5. Vondelpark (attraction)
  6. Amsterdamse Bos (attraction)
  7. Amsterdam Central Station (attraction)
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answered by
Gert-Jan from Leeuwarden, Friesland

Hey James, biking in Amsterdam is a blast if you follow a few basic "Dutch" rules :). Before I get to these be aware that renting a bike is easy and available throughout the city. Also biking is the nr.1 way of getting around in The Netherlands. We have 16 million inhabitants and roughly 32 million bikes :)

Rules: cars hate bikes, bikes hate cars but the rule in NL is that nomatter who has the right of way if something goes wrong the biker is always right by law. Number 2 (especially in AMS) DO NOT end up in the tracks of the trams and be very aware of the tram tracks when it is rainy. 3. Make use of handsignals (left and right) when in traffic. 4 Have a blast!

If you need more info just let me know!

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answered by
Gabriella from Netherlands

Don't worry, as long as you can ride a bike at any level, you will be fine here! Especially if you are on a rental bike - those ones are usually recognisable from far away, so all other people in the traffic will know that you are a tourist and be more careful around you :)

The only real danger I have encountered here are the daredevil scooters - keep on the right side of the path at all times, always indicate if you are turning and try not to get scared and loose your balance when they go past you very closely.

The only place bikes are not very recommendable are the shopping streets, such as De Kalverstraat and Flower Market. I suggest you leave your bike nearby and just walk there.

Have fun!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. De Kalverstraat (attraction)
  2. Flower Market (attraction)
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answered by
Filemon from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi James, 

Amsterdam is a very easy city to use the bike. Most busier streets have separate bike lanes and smaller streets are well suited also. Wouldn't worry about it too much

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Amsterdam (city)
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answered by
Bernie from Amsterdam
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answered by
Jonny from Nowhere

I lived on and off in Amsterdam for over a decade and cycling is one of my favourite things about the city. I wrote a blog post about cycling there and routes you could take at my website:

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Amsterdam (city)
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