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Emma Thomas

Berlin, Germany

Best cafes in Amsterdam?

Hi! I'm going to Amsterdam and love finding little cafes wherever I go. Where are the best places for coffee in Amsterdam? Thanks! 


No Starbucks ;)

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  • Sabine van der Horst

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    Hi Emma,

    First of all be careful with the wording 'coffeeshop'. A Coffeeshop in The Netherlands is a place where you buy and smoke drugs :-). A 'Coffeeshop' has nothing to to with actual coffee. So if you ask someone on the street to direct you to a nice coffeeshop, they will not send you to a place where you can actually drink coffee, haha.

    There are so many places where you can get great coffee. In my neighboorhoud (east) alone there are lots of cafes that serve really good coffee. For example Roost Koffie (also delicious brownies), Coffee Bru and Clubkoffie.

    If you are not in that neighborhood, and are staying within the canal area, you can go to Koffie Salon Centrum B.V. at the Utrechtsestraat which is a really nice street anyway.

    At CLOUD art & coffee they combine (like the name suggests) art and coffee.

    Koffiespot is a new coffee bar on Elandsgrachtwhich in itself is worth a visit as well. On the same street there are also some nice shops and a great cheesestore :-).

    These are just a few suggestions but there are lots and lots of really good cafe's where they sell great coffee. We are not really a Starbucks kind of nation (yet) :-).

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    • Emma T.

      Emma T.

      OMG. So good to know!!! Lol sad thing is I totally knew that but slipped my mind. Do you use the word cafe? · (0 likelikes)

    • Sabine v.

      Sabine v.

      Yes, cafe is just fine :-) · (0 likelikes)

    • Sally E.

      Sally E.

      Sabine's list is great! I would also add Scandinavian embassy onto the list - really good quality coffee and pastries! · (0 likelikes)

    • Mana N.

      Mana N.

      smoke...oohhh, thank God the world has become more aware... · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Roost Koffie (restaurant)
    2. Coffee Bru (attraction)
    3. Clubkoffie (attraction)
    4. Koffie Salon Centrum B.V. (attraction)
    5. Utrechtsestraat (neighborhood)
    6. CLOUD art & coffee (attraction)
    7. Koffiespot (restaurant)
    8. Elandsgracht (unknown)

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