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Ischia or Capri?

We have one last day to fill in the last week of September in Sorrento. We want to see the blue grotto but heard it's a tourist log jam and Capri sounds like more high end shops. Thinking about changing it up and going to Ischia. Heard there are thermal spas and it's beautiful...thoughts???

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  • Missy Johnston

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    Hi, yes the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy is quite busy, and one is generally required to go to the Blue Grotto from either the main harbor in Capri or Marina Piccolo in Capri in a commercial vessel to then transfer and wait to go into the Blue Grotto in a row boat. I love Capri, but I also love Ischia. This volcanic island is really more off the beaten path and unique in that the volcanic action deep under the island is still active, sending up many thermal springs all over the island. Unique to Ischia is the "water spa park" where you can pay admission, and enjoy a variety of different thermal springs at different temperatures offering different benefits. I like Negomba Spa Water Park, which spills down a mountain side right on the water. At the bottom of the park is a beach to enjoy for a refreshing salt water ocean swim. The soil on Ischia is also volcanic and as such is considered great for growing wine grapes. Boutique wine production is growing on the island. Personally, I like Vigne di Chignole, a vineyard that often welcomes visitors with a call ahead for a tasting. And if you want to feel like a movie star for the day, make a spa appointment at the historic Regina Isabella Hotel and extensive Thermal Spa. Once the hideaway for famous movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor, La Terme della Regina Isabella continues to offer high level medicinal and relaxation spa services and Thermal Plastic Dermatology Treatments for an afternoon of rejuvenation. All activities are really unique to Ischia as an island with a still active volcano deep underneath. If history is of interest, the interesting walled town of Castello Argonese once a separate island, but now connected to Ischia by a causeway, can be visited. At one time home to over 2000 inhabitants, the walled city was used over the centuries for protection. Today the Castello is open for visitors, and is well worth visiting.

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    • Randy G.

      Randy G.

      Thanks for your recommendations on Ischia, Missy. I will be traveling there in August for two nights. Did you do any hiking? Any recommendations on restaurants? I'll also be visiting Capri for 7 nights. Again, thanks for your insights. · (0 likelikes)

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