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A few female traveler questions...

Hi fellow female wanderlusters... Planning my long term travel and have a few questions. Is it easy to find "Feminine Products" in areas like SE Asia? Also, if I am on a birth control pill, do they have them there that you can get, or should I stock up before I go? 

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Carolann from Around The World

It was never a problem for me to find feminine products in SE Asia. Thailand and Malaysia especially. You can get them at the pharmacy or even 7-elevens and convenience stores. I would note that tampons are a little cheaper in quality and they are smaller so they absorb less, I found but still okay to use. If you are there for a short time you should be okay.  Having said that, I travel fulltime so I still bring one or two months with me just in case I get to areas where I won't be able to get some.

Thailand is great for buying birth control. You don't need a prescription and the prices are good. E.g. the Evra patch is half the price it is in Canada. You can definitely bring what you need to make it there and then stock up once you get there. Make sure you are going to the trustworthy pharmacies such as the chains you'll see in malls - e.g. Watsons. Not sure about the other countries though.

You'll notice you'll be able to find most health and beauty products at a good price with little problem in Thailand so you can stock up if it is one of your first destinations :)

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

Ask your pharmacist to give you a "travel prescription", insurance will cover it if they put it in under that usage.  I just figure it is easier to have extra with me than to waste any time trying to find it.

Rule of thumb with feminine products:  the smaller the town, the harder it is to find. 

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answered first by
Michelle from Melbourne

Hi Nina, yes, you're able to find sanitary products everywhere. In some places you will need to go to a pharmacy to purchase them. In terms of birth control pills or any medication you use regularly, I would take a stock with me. I wouldn't put myself through the hassle of finding a doctor and getting a prescription and dealing with language issues.

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answered by
Yuksel from Kuşadası

Hello Nina ..

you are able to find sanitary products everywhere in Turkey, Turkey is realy modern , if it is your first time you will be shocked ( positively )

Have fun 

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answered by
Kelly from Santa Monica

Hi Nina in Bangkok I was able to get my birth control pill easy and cheap. As mentioned by others tampons can be a little bit hard to find. I usually bring a few boxes with me. 

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Pie from Philippines

Hello Nina! What parts in SE Asia are you heading? The Philippines Metro Manila area (composed of several cities) is highly urbanized, with tons of upscale establishments including malls, groceries/supermarkets that sell products for personal use - of numerous top international brands. But if your heading to the provinces (particularly the secluded ones) please stock up before leaving the city.

Happy travels! :)

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answered by
Elizabeth from Mississippi

I would stock up on birth control. There are stores like CVS but i would bring sanitary items if needed. One thing i would get is a menthol stick to inhale and not get sick from all the smells. Street vendors make a lot of food and the smells can be stronger then what you are use to.

answered by
Em from Durango

Try a DivaCup! Then you won't have to worry about finding disposables. 

answered by
Nam from Bangkok

There are 10 SE countries with diversity.

You can find "Feminine Products" easily in some countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, especially at modern drug stores in big cities.

But other countries may not easy to find. I'm not sure where do you can get birth control pills in Philippines(Catholic country), IndonesiaVietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Buy and stock up them when you visit 3 countries I've mentioned above.

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It's easy to find feminine productions, but you should bring the birth control brand of your choice with you. 

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Hey Nina, you can surely find feminine products most likely in a pharmacy, however, if you do have a brand you love, I would suggest taking a box or two with you, depending on the length of your stay, remove from the box for less space. And yes, depending on the length of your stay, take a few months supply with you.

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