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Tony Wright



About Me

Just returned from a year of international travel.  Product designer and occasional company-founder in Seattle.  Find me @webwright​ on Twitter, read our (retired) blog about our travels​, or read my (rarely updated) blog about startups​, product design, and early stage growth.

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ANepal: Our thoughts are with those in Nepal

We traveled the world or 10 months and found the people in Nepal to be the nicest we ran across.  Bhaktapur​ was incredibly charming and we hit it during the Cow Festival (here's a video ​). Here are some of our favorite pics from Bhaktapur:... See More

ASeattle: Hip areas in Seattle?

Seattle is pretty tightly packed...  Long walks or short Uber/Lyft rides are your friends. First, get out of Bellevue.  It's a terrible sea of glass/steel/malls surrounded by boring suburbs (that should piss some eastsiders off!) Capitol Hill Neighborhood​... See More

QSeattle: Best burgers in Seattle?

I have a friend coming into town on business and I want to take him out for dinner.  He's got simple tastes-- loves burritos and burgers.  Given that he's from LA, I think burritos feel pretty risky.  So we're down to burgers. What are the best burger spots... See More

AThe Caribbean: Crewed Catamaran Trip Tips?

First, British Virgin Islands​ wins for lots of close together ports/anchorages and steady wind. Crews can vary, so try to find one that someone recommends.  We *loved* Jack and Jaime-- they've since moved on from the boat we chartered, but have... See More

AFairbanks: Must-Do Adventures in Fairbanks?

Late April? Fairbanks​?  These things mix very poorly. There is a 5th season in Alaska that locals call "Breakup" - it's where a winters worth of snow melts, uncovering a winter's worth of trash, dog poop, dirt, salt, de-icer, and more.... See More

ADo you still travel by bus these days?

There are plenty of countries where busses are fabulous and cheap-- they serve as a budget alternative for any countries that didn't build rail infrastructure. In fact, we found train costs to be high enough to avoid unless it's a short run. Morocco​, Turkey​... See More

AWhat is your best travel selfie?

Took a snow machine out to Spencer Glacier​ from Girdwood​ and found a ridiculously blue ice tunnel.   ​ See More

QWhat's your best travel hack?

My wife and I traveled for 10 months and amassed a pile of little clever hacks around everything from booking tickets/hotels, researching a destination, getting to know the locals, finding the best food, navigating in strange cities and more...  But I'm sure there... See More

AIstanbul: You have 1 day and 1 night in Istanbul. What would you do?

Istanbul was our favorite big city in 10 months of non-stop travel. I would NOT stay in the Sultanahmet​ area, but you should definitely go there.  I would stay in Kadıköy​, a hip Asia-side neighborhoods with open air markets,... See More

QWhat's the steepest place you've ever been?

I was recently in Bangkok and I got to climb down the super-steep stairs of Wat Arun. What is the steepest place you've ever been to in your travels? Was it scary, and would you do it again? Could be anything from stairs, mountains, roads, etc. Straight up/down doesn't... See More

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