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Steve Faber

San Rafael


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AGermany: from amsterdam, whats a nice train trip town in germany?

I love this question.  Here's what you do: First of all your ultimate destination is less important than the routing.  You want to take one of the trains that follow the Rhine valley.  You'll have river, cliffs and castle views.  To get this routing you have... See More

AThe Caribbean: What are the best spots in the Caribbean?

I feel strongly qualified to answer a question about the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.  I lived in the Keys (Islamorada) for seven years, and my wife and I owned a sailing yacht in Tortola, BVI for six years, which we sailed all around the Caribbean basin. As for the... See More

AWhat's the weirdest food you've ever eaten abroad?

In Kake​ Alaska at a school fundraiser I had home-canned pickled gumboot, (gumboot chiton,) a large, tough tidepool mollusk. Named after the L L Bean footwear, and about as tender. In Beijing​ in the evenings there are pop-up food... See More

AWhere have you had the best (or most atmospheric) coffee?

I vote for Cafe Milagro​ in Quepos, Costa Rica.  Located right on the Pacific,  Milagro has a large roaster in the center of their café, freshly roasting Costa Rica's finest all day long.  Not only is the aroma of the roasting coffee heavenly,... See More

AHow Do I get the Best Last Minute Fare when booking a cruise ?

Actually, the idea that you always get the best prices by waiting till the last minute is a bit of an elderly significant other's tale.  Most cruise prices go up as time goes on.  Gone are the days where you could go to the pier all packed and ready to go and they... See More

ANew Orleans: What is the best breakfast in New Orleans?

Mother's Restaurant​ in the Central Business District.  Best bet: order the grits and debris.  A taste spectacular but kiss your arteries goodbye!  Famous also for their bloody marys.  Arrive early or you will be in a line around the block. See More

AThe Caribbean: Best destination based on Nightlife?

Probably the most famous club you never heard of is Basil's in Mustique (in the Grenadines).  Basil holds court, and you are likely to run into the likes of Mick Jagger, British Royals or US celebs hanging out at the bar.  The weekly Jump-Ups (music-dance-drink fandangos)... See More

AAlaska: What is the best way to see Alaska? Plane, train, auto, ship, dog sled?

​ ​ Consider a naturalist-led expedition cruise.  It's like being on a safari.  Usually less than 40 passengers.  Kayak, zodiac, hike, get really close to the wildlife, glaciers and native Alaskans. See More

AAlaska: Juneau Alaska- How do you get to the glacier? Bus, tour, walk?

There is a municipal bus service that connects downtown Juneau​ with the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area​.  In the park there are numerous trails to explore that go up to the face of the glacier and even behind the waterfall of... See More

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