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Simon Yugler

Portland, Oregon


About Me

I've lived with an Australian Aboriginal tribe, slept in a tent with the Bedouin of Jordan, lived on the banks of the Nile, and been Burning Man.

I write about festivals, world cultures, and conscious travel tips and destinations on my blog...

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Simon's Activity

AUnited States: One month to Travel the US- need itinerary help!

Hi Lisa-Marie- Sounds like a great trip! I'll do my best to give you a few recomendations on unique places that are truly amazing. In SF- you really cant go wrong in the city. North Beach​ and San Francisco Chinatown​ are pretty... See More

ASouth America: Anywhere in Central/South America where the Canadian $ is still strong?

Hey Adam- I don't think your situation is that dire my friend. US/CAD exchange is around $1USD to $1.2CAD, as I'm sure you know. I'm happy to tell you that there are PLENTY of places you can still afford to travel! I'm writing this from Peru​,... See More

AWhat's the 1 (or even 3) item that you absolutely can't travel without?

1) Silk sleeping bag liner (for all those less-than hygienic dorm beds) 2) Smartphone (All in one tool. Believe it.)  3) Earplugs. See More

QPeru: Trujillo, Cajamarca, and Chan Chan Recommendations

Hola Amigos, My partner and I are heading to Trujillo, and the nearby ruins of Chan Chan in a few weeks. Looking for recommendations for cool places to stay, eat, and check out. After that, were heading to the city of Cajamarca, the last stand of the Incan Empire. Looking... See More

QPeru: Hostels and Shamanic Tours in Chavin de Huantar?

My partner and I are planning on visiting the temple of Chavin de Huantar, near Huaraz, in a week. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, clean, cheap, and "high vibe" hostel in Chavin proper? Also, if anyone has any leads on an authentic tour guide well-versed... See More

ACentral America: Good and safe transportation in El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize?

Hi Jolien- The most basic things you need to know is that both Belize City​ and Guatemala City​ are very dangerous, especially at night. However, in Central America it is possible to take trans-national buses. I highly recommend Nicaragua​-... See More

AMexico: Where in the world is food still pure and unadulterated?

Hi Erin! Mexico, specifically Mexico City​, Oaxaca​, and Chiapas​, are highly regarded for their deep food culture. If you like hand-made blue corn tortillas, rich mole sauce, and artisan mescal and tequila, Oaxaca... See More

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