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Travel photographer and Circus Freak.

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ATokyo: Wifi connection in Tokyo

The sim cards used in Japan are the same as elsewhere.  Should not be a problem. Perhaps you should consider just using the wifi in your accommodation.  Yes, you will be unconnected while roaming outside of the hotels, but no need for sim cards and it will a LOT easier... See More

ACappadocia: Hot air balloon tour

You'd probably get more replies if you said where you're asking about.  Tokyo​, Istanbul​, or Cappadocia​? I can't say for the others, but a hot air balloon in Tokyo is highly unlikely. ... See More

ALos Angeles to Columbus: Taking 7 days instead of 5

My apologies, but this trip will take at least 9 days at this pace.  It's really really far!! I would recommend breaking it up into 2 hour chunks and doing morning-afternoon-evening stints, if you need to rest. At 6 hours a day, you'll be there in about 6 days. ... See More

ATokyo: Going from Tokyo Japan to Los Angeles, CA flying short distances at a time

Sorry, but this route is 100% over water.  There is nowhere good to 'stop-over'.  You could shorten the flight by stopping in Seattle​ or Vancouver​, but you'll still be in the air a very long time on the first flight.... See More

AInternational Travel that is inexpensive but fun?

Cheap but fun?  Carnival Cruise Lines.  You can get a room that travels to different countries every day (without the need to repack), for about $100/day with food and entertainment included.  Where else can you do that? See More

AParis: Need help in planning out a Eurotrip - Which places and how much time!

I LOVE your sense of adventure.  But...your travel plans are waaay too ambitious for reality.  Think this way: You lose 1 day at the beginning and end, just getting there and back again.  For each additional destination, you'll lose another day (Europe may be small,... See More

APrague: Hi, I want to visit these places in Aug 2017,please help how to go about it

With losing a day due to the change in time zones and having a travel day at each end, you're really only looking at 9 days.  Add another 2 or 3 travel days jumping around're not going to enjoy your holidays much. I'd pick TWO of those cities and... See More

AKrakow: Does anyone know if Krakow is desolate without college students?

You won't have any trouble finding a party.  College students and tourists are looking for fun all year 'round.  :) See More

ATokyo: Hostel recomendations

There are mini-supermarkets/convenience stores *everywhere*.  This won't be a problem.  You'll pass 2 or 3 every block (or so it seems!) Safety is also not a huge concern.  If you encounter any problems 99% of the time it's from foreigners.  Japanese wouldn't... See More

AParis: Things to do in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam

Skip Paris and do 6 days in each of the others.   See More

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