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Sarah Goth



About Me

I travel with my company, The Ties Program - Adoptive Family Travel, on homeland tours for adoptees and their families. I am always looking for ways to connect with and highlight wonderful people and places around the world. 

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AJet lag - what's your trick?

I thankfully don't suffer from jet lag too too much, but wherever/whenever you land, I recommend staying awake as long as possible and not going to bed until at least 8PM local time. If you can get in just a few hours of sleep at a time, that's okay. If you have... See More

QWhere have you had the best (or most atmospheric) coffee?

In honor of World Coffee day, I'd like to know where everyone has had their favorite cup of joe! Or a favorite coffee story would do as well! I felt like I had finally learned something when I could ask for coffee in Hanoi. Oh, sweet sweet Vietnamese coffee.  See More

AWas there ever a time you used a country's language and it backfired?

Not while traveling, but while teaching in South Korea. My co-teacher (and carpool-er​) was teaching me how to say, "Let's go home" - 'Chip-bay kahjah' and one time I tried to mimic but instead said, 'Chipbay kamjah?.' Which translates to 'home... See More

ALeuven: What is your favorite restaurant in Leuven?

Make friends and make sure to ask them for their favorite frites place! This was where my group always went when we studied there in 2010, so it could have changed since then. It's on the southern corner of Oude Markt as you can see (also GoogleMaps has a great walk... See More

AAsia: What is the best airport you've been to during your travels?

I love Incheon International Airport​! I haven't taken advantage of their free tours (of which there are many - given both by the airport & some of the airlines have their own) of Incheon or Seoul but I'd like to in the future! Every time... See More

AYour Craziest Travel Adventures?

- Only time I stayed in a hostel - in Paris, where the group decided they wanted to swim in the Trocadero​ fountains (totally illegal). After I saw the security/police under the Eiffel Tower with machine guns, I opted to be lookout instead of stripping... See More

AWhat is the longest time you have spent at an airport?

We had an intentional 24 layover at Incheon International Airport​ because we were planning on a whirlwind trip to old home, Jeonju​ to stuff our faces until we could hardly move. Once that mission was accomplished, we had to take... See More

ASouth Korea: Best places to visit outside Seoul?

I lived in Gwangju Airport​ (sorry for the airport tag, Gwangju wasn't showing up right) for 6 months - it's a great city and the food in Jeollanam-do can't be beat. But I'd still suggest Jeonju​over Gwangju to visit.... See More

AKoh Chang: Koh Chang vs. Koh Phi Phi or other option?

I haven't been to Koh Phi Phi but so I can't speak to there! I went to Koh Chang​ off season in 2012 and found the beach we were on to be lovely,  and quite deserted - but I understand the latter is not often the case there in high season. We... See More

AVietnam: Looking for the best use of 2 1/2 weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand

There are likely some Vietnam beaches that are great but the major areas are quite polluted and built up. I've heard good things about Phu Quoc​ but haven't been there myself.  If you can manage the time for both, I'd definitely say include... See More

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