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Tel Aviv


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AArgentina: Traveling by bus from Santiago to Buenos Aires - Which cities to visit?

I agree with the recommendations you were given, but I just want to add that if you do go to Mendoza (and you definitely should, it's a beautiful place) do not miss the Puente Del Inca, one of the most stunning places I've ever seen!  Enjoy your trip, Argentina... See More

ATel Aviv: Best pizza in Tel Aviv?

Without a doubt, the best pizza in Tel Aviv is Tony vespa​. Not the cheapest, but it is definitely worth it.. There are a couple of locations in the city, 140 Rothschild Boulevard, 267 Dizingoff Street and 118 Allenby Street. Enjoy(: See More

ABuenos Aires: Cheapest way to get from Buenos Aires to Machu Pichu?

I'm pretty sure you will be able to find a bus from Buenos Aires​ to Cusco​, but it is a long way! Probably between 2 to 3 days, but it is cheaper than flight (though if you're lucky you might be able to find a cheap flight).... See More

AChile: Any advice on travel within Chile and Argentina?

There is a lot to see in both countries and there is a lot of information about them online, but the best advice I can give you about travelling in Argentina​ is to bring Dollars (cash) since its value in the blue market (in the streets) is much higher... See More

ATrees. What is your favorite picture of a tree taken while traveling?

My favorite picture of a tree must be this one from Kruger Park​, South Africa​ ​And that one, which was taken in Argentina​ last year, in my friend's uncle's farm.. ​ ​ See More

AIsrael: What are the best ways to go from Tel Aviv to Jerusalém?

The best way to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is to take the 480 Egged bus. The bus leaves 2000 Terminal in Tel Aviv (near the Tel Aviv Center - Savidor​ Central Railway Station on Arlozorov​). It takes about an hour to get to the central station in... See More

AWhat is the most dramatically beautiful place you have seen?

Oh wow there are so many it's hard to choose.. Machu Picchu​ was definietly breath taking, and not only the buildings but all the surrouding view was amazing. The Iguazu Waterfalls​ are stunning and with all the rainbows and... See More

AIn what foreign city did you feel most at home?

For me it's London​. I don't know why but ever since the first time I went there (and I was about 11) I felt very comfortable there. The second time I was there it was only my sister and me at age 15 and we had such a great time and I ever... See More

ATop 5 worst cities you've ever visited?

Lima​, the city is kind of boring and I stayed there for 10 days which was probably 9 more days than I should have. Not to mention that I had some bad personal stuff going on while I was there which definitely didn't help my overall impression with... See More

QUnited States: Interesting cities for weekend travel

Hi! I'm staying in the US for the next year and I really want to try and experience and see as much as I can. My best chance will probably be to travel on weekends. Since I'm on a tight budget I'd rather travel by bus if possible. I live in New Jersey, and... See More

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