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Adventure Travel ● Backpacking ● Hiking ● Camping ● Scuba Diving ● Outdoor Thrills ● Travel Photography ● Freedom

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A Items to bring on vacation that are not "typical"

I wouldn't. You can't predict all possible bad scenarios that might unroll when on vacation. You would have to travel with a sea container. What is a probability of this happening to you anyway? Will you take a snake antivenom when going on a jungle trek? Or defibrillator because... See More

ARed Deer: What to do

Red Deer is a city of about 100k inhabitants focused mostly on oil & gas so not that much to admire in the city itself. If you are first time visitor I would recommend within 200km distance apart from big cities like Edmonton​ and Calgary​... See More

AGuatemala: eco tourism options

I spent a couple of days on the Pacific coast in Monterrico a few years ago and it was a lovely place. Small community not crowded with tourists, great opportunity to see sea turtles laying eggs or release of young turtles to the ocean from protected hatcheries... See More

AEcuador: Adventures / full of experince tours in the Ecuadorians

If you want a unique Amazon experience with wildlife, you have to go on a multi-day overnight trip deeper into jungle outside of populated areas or contact zones. This comes with way higher price but is usually worth it. One day trips from cities in contact zones like Banos... See More

AMyanmar: Hire a car and driver

Hi Katie, I returned from Myanmar​ where I spent about 3 weeks in Jan-2017. It's a beautiful country with warm people and I wish I had more time to spend there. First of all, you have to realize that for Myanmar you need the entry visa and... See More

AThailand: 19 year alone traveler Thailand etc

If you will be staying in hostels you will almost always find like-minded travelers around. Plus hostels have usually plenty of information about what you can do in the area so my recommendation is not to buy any package, but rather go for 1-3 day-long activities available... See More

AMaui: Suggested excursion for Maui's west side?

I hiked Waihe'e Ridge Trail couple of years ago and it was a very nice and not difficult hike. If you get lucky you can get really good view. If you are into snorkeling, I recommend stopping at Honolua Bay. One of the best spots for snorkeling on the island. Definitely... See More

ABanff: Is Banff Area worth visiting if you are not in to hiking?

I believe you can find yourself plenty to see even if you are not into hiking. The park is quite big and very scenic. As well, depending when you want to come, but be prepared that starting from around this time of year (late September) you can get snow any day. In your... See More

APhuket: Scuba diving for a single dive in Koh Phi Phi

Some dive shops can take you scuba diving even if not certified, but as Cameron mentioned it can be more expensive since you need usually 1 to 1 babysitting under water and some training before. People tend to do a lot of stupid things under water like stepping on corals,... See More

AEcuador: 10-day Trip to Ecuador

First of all, renting a car is smart decision in Ecuador since local buses are ridiculously slow doesn't matter how good the road is. When I was there two years ago, it took on average 3-4h to move 100km or about 30km/h speed! But even with rented car you have to account... See More

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