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Peter Rusterholz



About Me

Im a nice guy looking for help and to help people :) 

Ask me anything.

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QCambodia: BMX in Cambodia

Is Cambodia a good country for bmx biking? I heard there a lot of scooters etc and that cambodia is a bike friendly country in general. But how about cool tours etc? See More

AVienna: What if you had 1 day in Vienna?

Hi Tom, spending a day in Vienna​ is definitely a good idea, even if it is a little bit too short so see all the interesting things in this city and the surrounding area. I recommend you visit the Prater​, the amusement... See More

ABerlin: Day trip from Berlin

Prague​ or Hamburg seems to be the better option for you. Denmark​ and Poland is only worth a visit if you planning to stay there a little bit longer. If you do so, I recommend you visit Copenhagen​,... See More

AHow do you deal with awkwardness during a solo trip?

In case you can't handle the awkwardness, you can bring a book as an emergency exit. But believe me, after a while, it won't be awkward anymore. An easy way to meet people is staying in hostels, usually there are a lot of people travelling solo.  See More

AIn what foreign city did you feel most at home?

I guess it is Berlin​ because I have a lot of friends living there. But I don't want to live there, too many people everywhere. Maybe it is better when you stay in a certain district, but usually when I am there, I move around in the city a lot. ... See More

ALondon: Which 2 cities should I go to for my 8 day honeymoon trip?

For an eight day vacation I would recommend you think about just staying in one city, or you visit a city close by, so you don't spent a lot of your time travelling. Your budget is not that big and a city like London​ or Paris​ is... See More

AIn which country, city or state have you drank the best beer?

I have to admit, the beer I drank in Prague​ was pretty good. But my favorite spot to enjoy a cold, freshly tapped beer is Bavaria​. They usually serve the beer in very large jars, called "Mass". But I also like the beer brewed... See More

APhuket: A day free before night flight home

I suggest you visit the Chaithararam Temple - Wat Chalong معبد شالونج​ temple in Phuket​ because it is a great opportunity to experience the Thai culture. After that, you should definitly visit a good restaurant, Thai food... See More

ADubai: Luggage storage for two days

As far as I know, the service from the airport is only for short term storage, but there are other providers where you can store your luggage for multiple days. I suggest you google for Dubz, if I remember correctly, this is one of the providers.  See More

ABarcelona: A month in Barcelona

Hey, sounds like a great plan. Restaurants and bars are pretty expensive in Barcelona​, because there are a lot of tourists visiting the city. Especially the area around La Rambla​ is expensive. I would look for a place to stay a little... See More

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