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AKrakow: What is your favorite restaurant in Krakow?

I second Scott's comment about "U Babci Maliny" -- I always eat there at least once whenever I'm in Krakow. Pod Aniołami​ is a great place, but it's a bit on the pricey side (one of the few local restaurants with an actual chef-made... See More

AL'viv: What's the best neighborhood in L'viv for a first time visitor?

We stayed at a really nice hostel on Khimichna St​, and it took like 15 minutes to walk down to Rynok Square​. Quiet and not as pricey a neighborhood to stay at. But yeah, Darya is right - you can easily stay in the historic centre... See More

APrague: What to do to be proactive about pickpockets in Prague?

1) Carry only the amount of cash you will need for the day; 2) If you have pockets on the inside of your jacket/coat/blazer, it's better to keep valuables in there; 3) Lock up the documents and other stuff in a hotel safe/hostel locker -- I usually never take my passport... See More

AMoscow: Safety in Moscow?

If you are going to be staying in or around the city centre, you'll be fine. I have lived in Moscow for 2 years now, and whenever I have run in trouble, it was on the outskirts of the city (in its poorer parts), never in the centre. Most young people have a decent... See More

APrague: Is a week too long in Prague?

I'd say definitely not too long. I've spent a week in Prague on more than one occasion (in 2007, 2009, and 2010), each time was very enjoyable. Even if you don't take any other trips, there's a ton to see in Prague itself. And on the off-chance you get... See More

AEngland: Recommendations for an English countryside vacation?

Back in 2007, I had a great time in Tintagel​, which is in Northern Cornwall​. The whole county in general is breath-takingly beautiful, but this part in particular stood out for me because it combined the dreamy sleepy countryside... See More

AEurope: Couchsurfing vs Airbnb

If you are strapped for cash but have ample time to prepare, couchsurfing is great. You can find a good host, chat them up, make a connection, and likely have a wonderful time. It can be a lot better than a hotel/hostel. Of course, there's always a chance to run into... See More

AWhere are you headed in 2015?

I've got kind of a "programme maximum" that I'd like to do in 2015, but if I get at least 2 on this list, then it's a year well-lived. 1. Want to hit Latvia or Estonia for a weekend, to finally get a multiple-entry... See More

AWhat’s you favorite "comfort food” you have had on the road?

I go to the same countries a lot, so oftentimes it's one type of food per place/region. E.g. I've just come back from Czech Republic​, where I subsisted almost entirely on various types of cooked cheese: grilled, deep-fried, pickled. Never thought... See More

AWhat do you do with your leftover currency?

I tend to do one of three things: - keep the cash for the next trip (with places go to on a regular basis, like Poland​ or Czech Republic​ - splurge on a nice meal, a night of drinking, or a memorable experience (bungee jumping,... See More

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