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Molly S

United Kingdom


About Me

I'm a photographer with a passion for travelling - I've been doing both since I was about 4 years old, so it's pretty ingrained in me by now! Europe is my playground when it comes to travelling. I love the culture, the food, the history, and the varied cities and landscapes. But I would never say no to venturing further afield......NYC and Costa Rica are currently top of my non-European wish list! I have to admit to being a bit of a Francophile, though, and I'm planning on moving to Paris for 3-4 months in 2015.

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Molly's Activity

AJerusalem: Must see sites in Jerusalem?

Hi Leslie!  Jerusalem's an amazing city - there's so much to see. You don't say how long you're there for, but a few "must-sees": Temple Mount​ - probably the most iconic sight, and sacred to both Islam and Judaism (and Christianity... See More

ALondon: 2 week itinerary for London, Spain, and Germany?

Hi Adriana, Sounds like a great trip! Given that you only have two weeks - and you could spend that in London alone - I would recommend flying between places to maximise your time, rather than taking the train. You don't say which city in Germany you're staying... See More

QParis: Restaurant recommendations in the sixth / seventh arrondissements?

Can anyone recommend a good, mid-budget restaurant in the Latin Quarter / St Germain? I'm going to be staying there for a few days next week - solo, so no romantic-type places please! I'm also looking for somewhere that's not touristy. Any kind of cuisine, but... See More

ABest Sunset in the World

Definitely Paris​ on my first ever evening there! I'd landed in the pouring rain, but the clouds started to clear for sunset. This was taken along by Hôtel de Ville. Bit of a rubbish photo, but I love it - it always reminds of seeing Paris for the... See More

AParis: Is it comfortable for solo Indian in Paris?

Hi Sunita, I went to Paris​ solo - and for the first time - last month. In terms of it being an unfamiliar destination, I honestly didn't have any problems; certainly no more so than any other new city. I do speak a bit of French, but I found that... See More

AIf money were no object, where would you go?

I seem to spend my life thinking about this! So - with money not a factor - here's my dream trip: I'd start in Paris​. Even though I've been before it's still my favourite city. You can never have too much Paris!  ​ Then I'd... See More

ALondon: Short drives outside of London?

Hi Melissa, It depends on how far out of London you want to go! One of my favourite places is Suffolk - most tourists miss it in favour of Norfolk or Cambridge, but it's beautiful and just 1.5 hrs by car (an hour on the train from Liverpool Street Station). Bury... See More

AJerusalem: Travel to Jerusalem, do you have any suggestions?

Hi!  Within Jerusalem, you won't need a car. Public transport (buses, mainly, and the new tram line) is very good, and you can't really take a car in the Old City anyway. To get to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion, I would recommend a group taxi. Nesher is the main company.... See More

AUnited Kingdom: Road trip to the UK, where to stay, what to see?

Hi!  If you're going to Wales, I would definitely recommend seeing the north coast - Anglesey​ in particular. There's plenty of campsites there if you're bringing a tent, and the scenery is stunning.  ​ Conwy​... See More

QParis: Best places for street art in Paris?

Hi, I'm visiting Paris again for a few days in August - being an art lover, I've already done / planned most of the galleries, but I'd love to see some street art as well. I've heard there's a lot of it, I just don't know where to find it! Is there... See More

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