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Meir Jacob

Tel Aviv


About Me

Organizational Development Consultant, Tours Manager and Photographer...
I love to explore and discover places, people and cultures.
Lately I have founded Trips for Photographers​ - Specialized trips, workshops, designed by Photographers for Photographers.

Trips for Photographers​ is a labor of love, my form of art. An opportunity to put together all I know in Tour Management at it's best, my love for Photography and my skills as a Mentor.

I see in Trips for Photographers​ an opportunity to explore, experience and grow, you are warmly invited to join me!

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ABuying airhost/esses booze

1. It's a proven fact that all air host/esses are human beings. Treating them as such will make both, them AND you feel much better all along the flight (a kind 'hello, how are you' + a smile from PASSENGER's part will work wonders). 2. A kind gesture... See More

QNaples: Looking for recommendations for city walk through the streets of Naples?

I'm planning to visit Naples area + the city itself (won't spend the night in the city). I love strolling and doing city walks, photo-walks.  What would be a nice ~3 km walk, ~ two-three hours through the streets of Naples during day time? Churches, markets,... See More

ATel Aviv: Anyone hit me up with hotels in Tel Aviv centre? Looks so expensive!!

Tel Aviv can be expensive. I totally agree about hostel (...not to). I second Ari - go for Airbnb. See More

AIsrael: Israel in Winter - Yes or No?

Hello Erik, Good morning from Tel Aviv! Israel in winter? The answer should be yes. Israeli winters are quite mild, worst thing you might face weather-wise are some rains. We love snow but it comes only to our higher peaks. You can ski on the Hermon,... See More

AWhere can we have the best family vacation for 6 adults?

In one word? Israel​ Please check my detailed answer posted some time earlier.... just click! ​ Meir Jacob, founder of Trips 4 Photographers ​ See More

AIstanbul: Where to find low price local food in Istanbul?

First of all you have to remember that you are landing at one of the tastiest countries on the globe.  The Turks bring their old nomadic tradition from central Asia, which means meats mostly served as kebabs - which means various ways of frying it on... See More

AVenice: Visit Venice or spend more time in Positano?

It very much depends on your temperament and how you love to spend your leisure time... Venice​ is pompous, frightfully expensive and just about to same measure crowded... I do remember watching some footage on efforts Venice municipality is investing... See More

AItaly: Need help with a December 2015 itinerary for 15 days in Italy?

Hi Gita, Italy is a beautiful place with so much to offer BUT... let's stick to facts, your friend has only 15 days. Under these conditions your program sounds optimal. You've managed to pick the right highlights for this time... See More

AIsrael: Tips for a first time visit to Israel?

Hello Ida,  Please click here ​ ​to read my detailed answer referring to visiting Israel​. And my answer to Q referring to safe/unsafe places and places to stay, plz click here ​. Wishing you a great visit! See More

AMalta: Transportation in Malta?

1st. you have to remember that driving through Malta​ goes the British way (wheel on right side of the car and...). It could be a bit confusing during first couple of days... On the other hand having your car could be VERY helpful: It'll get you... See More

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