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Matt Bronowski



About Me

German-born, Brazil-raised, US-educated and have found numerous homes ever since ;)

IT-Professional presently in regional management role in APAC.

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Honeymoon in New Zealand

Need Advice for a Honeymoon Tr...

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AIndonesia: Forrest Fires in September in Indonesia?

Yes. It is "burning season" in western sumatra ​, sometimes also  java ​ and Malay. It can be a pain in the neck because smoke can be really bad. Depending on precipation this can go on for weeks. As winds generally move westwards, try to... See More

ABest way to prevent ears blocking during descent?

Try a scuba diver ear equalization (and don't forget to wiggle your head) see: See More

AWhat are the best noise blocking headphones/earbuds?

I have tried many noise cancelling earphones, Sennheiser (good, durable, even ran them over with a car!), Sony (refurbished, $20 buy at an outlet mall, not really good) and finally settled with Bose QC20i (around 220 USD, refurbished at a Bose Outlet store). Reason: I wanted... See More

AWhat global sites look the coolest on Google Street View?

Take a look at  Foz do Iguaçu​(StreetView) ​ in Brazil, and Dettifoss​ (StreetView) ​ in Iceland. The Matterhorn​ Trail (StreetView ​) also has a nice view of one of higher peaks in Switzerland. By... See More

AMunich: Favorite Venues for Weisswurst in Munich?

Weisses Bräuhaus​, Im Tal street, Munich. Original and authentic. Will not serve Weisswurst after 11:00 a.m. as is Bavarian tradition. A few steps away is the famous Marienplatz​, the heart of Munich. Won't get any better than... See More

QSouth Pacific: What are the best places for a honeymoon in the South Pacific?

We have about a week or so in November and I'm trying to decide between Fiji, French Polynesia and/or another Island. We like to snorkel, dive, sail, kitesurf/windsurf, hike, mountain bike, rock climb and sometimes even relax. We're looking for small, romantic places... See More

AMunich: What are the best places to eat with locals in Munich?

I would recommend any Augustiner Restaurant in town. See: for their main restaurant, but there are a few scattered around town. See More

AIceland: Insight on road trip around Ring Road

Hi Paulina, we did this a couple of years back using a small rental car, a tent and some camping gear and found this to be the cheapest way of exploring Iceland. The whole trip took around 2 weeks (incl. a couple of days on western islands and in Reqjavik). The prices... See More

QAntarctica: Off the beaten path recommendations for Antarctica?

I would like to take trip to Antarctica, are there any recommendations? I'm not looking for a luxury all-you-can-eat type expedition but more something off the beaten path, if there is such a thing for the Antarctica. See More

AIceland: Aurora in Iceland

It took me about 20 transatlantic flights until I saw a stunning aurora borealis one night. My recommendation is to take an evening flight on the northern Atlantic route, when there are reported sun flares. And yes, do it in Winter. Aurora or not, Iceland is a fantastic... See More

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