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Apassport name

> is  that going to be a problem? It may be and it's certainly not worth risking potential hassle. When you make an airline reservation and give your personal details those details should always be exactly the same as those shown on your passport.... See More

AItaly: 10 Days in Italy

Visiting all these places in just 10 days will inevitably mean you see very little of them, so do be prepared for that. You could very easily spend all 10 days in Florence or Naples alone.  The five villages of the Cinque Terre​ each have their own... See More

ACancun: Rate change on a confirmed booking

Whether the hotel can do this depends entirely on the terms and conditions it has with, and displays on,  I suggest you contact  directly (phone is quicker than email) and discuss this with them. I've found them to be extremely helpful... See More

ABavaria: 10 days in Frankfurt-Bavaria-Salzburg

I strongly suggest that you stay for 2 nights in Rothenburg Ob der Tauber​. Your mother is 77, there is a lot to see and a lot of walking involved....but you've only allowed an evening and a morning to see it?  Stay in Rothenburg for an extra night... See More

AAmsterdam: Going through customs in Amsterdam

I assume you have booked a through ticket? If so, your bags will be checked through from the United States​to Venice​ and you will not need to collect and re-check them at Amsterdam Airport... See More

AEastern Europe: Safe to travel solo?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'Eastern Europe' because many people seem (wrongly) to include e.g. Poland​, Czech Republic​, Slovakia​ and Hungary​ in that term. So I'm... See More

AAyr (Scotland): Mining villages near Ayre, Scotland

I think you mean Ayr​ rather than 'Ayre'?  ​Dalry​ is now a (very) small town rather than just a village:,_North_Ayrshire Dalquharran Castle​ still exists, in... See More

Atransiting flights

We need a bit more information if we are to advise you. You don't say exactly where you are making this connection? A United Kingdom​ airport? If you haven't booked a through ticket (?) and have checked (hold) baggage you will have to go landside... See More

AWarsaw: 1.05 hour connection to FRA

I assume you have booked a through ticket? If so, your bags will be checked through from O'Hare Airport​to Frankfurt Airport​.You will not need to collect them at Warsaw Chopin Airport​. First of all, airlines... See More

AUnited Kingdom: Transit visa

You have missed out the most essential piece of information....your citizenship! Where you are travelling from or to is absolutely irrelevant. When it comes to visas, it is your citizenship which matters. You can check visa requirements on the official United Kingdom​government... See More

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