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Mary's Activity

AIreland: I am interested in a tour of Ireland, looking for good local tour operator?

>Prefer to see castles. The term 'castle' is often misleading. I suspect you are thinking of Medieval stone castles (1100s > 14/1500s) but both Iron Age fortified settlements and large private houses built in the 1700s/1800s (often with towers, battlements... See More

ANashville: Grand ol opry

After using several smaller venues from the time it first started (1925) in 1943 the Grand Old Opry made its permanent home in Ryman Auditorium​ in Nashville. The auditorium is used from November to January but, since 1974 ... See More

AMontalcino: 2015 Brunello

The 2015 vintage will be released next year and by 'celebrate' I assume you mean the 'Benvenuto Brunello' festival which is usually held in Montalcino​ in mid-February? The 2020 dates may not yet be set but, as the festival is organised... See More

ATaos to Albuquerque: Direct transportation from taos to albuquerque

Sorry to hear about your 'friend'. Some ideas: See More

ARome: Rome in late November?

'Cold' is a matter of what you're used to. You can reassure your parents that frost or snow in November is very, very unlikely anywhere in Italy​ other than the highest mountains. It'll be chilly in the mornings and after sunset... See More

ABologna to Split: where is the best place to stay over night on the way from Bologna to Split

If you're taking the ferry to Split​ then Ancona​ is the obvious overnight stop and is an interesting historical city in its own right. If you're planning on driving all the way then Trieste​... See More

ALondon: Do i need UK transit visa?

> Do i need pick up my luggage at London and go through the custom or not?  If you have booked flights with 2 separate airlines you must go through border control (immigration), collect your bags, go through Customs... See More

AGeneva to Venice: Looking for a beautiful drive along the way

You don't say how long you have to make this trip. At its fastest it's going to take at least 6.5+ hours by the most direct route (and probably more). Frankly, doing the journey in one day ....or even two....won't give you time to see anywhere in a 'leisurely'... See More

AOrlando to Montreal: looking for indian foods on the way

Zabihah is a long-established and very useful site for finding halal eating places and food suppliers across the world. There's a list of US halal chains here: and you can use the page below to search specific locations... See More

AKilkenny to Cork: Route with road names and stops along way

Use the excellent AA (Automobile Association) routeplanner. It will gives the fastest route, with all road names, from your exact starting point and also offers options such as avoiding motorways: Kilkenny​... See More

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