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Marie-France Roy



About Me

I'm a semi-nomadic travel blogger and freelance writer who has travelled to 59 countries and all seven continents. Nowadays I spend about five months a year abroad. 

On I blog about affordable solo travel for the 40+ crowd, including alternative accommodations, off-the-beaten path destinations, and food.

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ACanada: Driving through Canada to go to Michigan; passport?

Most definitely. You're entering another country and you'll need to go through Customs. TIP: Make sure you don't have any guns in the car. Gun laws in Canada are much more stringent than in the US. Have a great trip! See More

ACanada: Choice between camps ( Canada v USA)

I'd say the one near Toronto​, for all the reasons that Lissa said. Also the group is smaller, with an equal number of boys and girls. Besides the price being lower, the Canadian dollar is quite a bit weaker than the US dollar so you'll spend... See More

APassport- US to Canada?

Yes, you definitely do! It's been a long time since you could cross with just a driver's license or other piece of ID, and that only worked for US and Canadian citizens.  See More

AMontreal: Traffic

I'm originally from Montreal​ and travel back there regularly. I don't think traffic is any worse than in any other North American city of a similar size, but the downtown area has a lot of one-way streets. The good news is that you don't... See More

AWhich capital is the world's best travel hub?

I'd say Bangkok​. It's grown into quite an international city over the last 25 years and has a good infrastructure and transportation system (metro, skytrain, two airports). It's the hub for Air Asia, a budget airline that flies all over Southeast... See More

AMexico: Experiencing Mexico

Claus has got the right idea: head west, not south, to see a more authentic Mexico. But you don't even have to go as far as Merida​. Valladolid​ (wrong on the map, it's only 2 hours by bus/car from Cancun) is a lovely colonial... See More

ABritish Columbia: British Columbia (Canada) VS New Zealand ?

Hi Beatrice! I don't understand why you have to choose... You have an entire year! Like Lisa said, you can't legally work in NZ unless you have a work visa. Also, the seasons are reversed in Canada and NZ as you probably know. So why don't you spend a few... See More

AToronto: An October trip to Toronto

Hi Kristofer, You didn't say if you'll have access to a car or not, but even if you don't, there is a special bus service called Parkbus that travels to various parks and conservation areas around Toronto. Their page will give you some ideas of places you can... See More

AToronto: Must see locations in Toronto in 3 days.

I've lived in Toronto for 28 years, so here's my advice. Skip Algonquin as it is a 3-hour drive from the city and not really suited to day tripping. Niagara Falls​ is easy to do, especially if you have a rental car. There are tours as well, and... See More

AOne week in Europe

In early May, the weather should be decent in most places. For mid-March, I'd recommend southern Spain (Andalusia) basing yourself in either Malaga​ or Seville​. That part of Spain is very sunny. I had clear skies and 17C in Málaga... See More

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