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AQuirkiest/Cutest city you've ever visited?

  One of the cutest villages I have ever seen is Kandovan, the rock village, located in Sahand Rural District, in the Central District ofOsku County, East Azerbaijan​.,_Osku   ​ And the other... See More

AWhat are the best places to visit in the world?

The best place I have visited is Iran and I recommend it to you for a different experience of travelling. Boasting 7000 years of history, the majestic land of Iran enjoys an exotic Persian culture, rich and ancient traditions of literature and trades,... See More

AWhat is the most dramatically beautiful place you have seen?

Heyran, which means wandering in Persian, is a stunning region, located on the far west of Gilanprovince. Read more about Heyran Due to the humidity of Caspian Sea, the place is often foggy throughout the year. It is extremely green... See More

AWhere is everyone traveling to this December?

My sister is heading to Dasht-e Kavir (a desert that is situated between the Iranian provinces of South KhorasanSemnan​ , Tehran and Yazd ) for a 3-day trekking. Fall and winter are the... See More

AWhat's the most beautiful building you've ever seen?

The most beautiful building I have ever seen is Tabatabayis House​  built around 1880 in Kashan, Iran. The house is renowned for its intricate stone reliefs, fine stucco and wonderful mirror and stained-glass work. The house consists of three sections:... See More

AWhere is the perfect hiking base town?

I recommend you town of Damavand in Tehran province of Iran. just forty-five miles northeast of Tehran, the capital city of Iran, amid Alborz​ Mountain Ranges that divides the central Iranian plateau from Caspian coast,... See More

ATehran: Safety for women in Teheran?

Hi Eline, Let me begin by saying you are really welcome in Iran​. By considering the historical and cultural reputation, Iran can be named a safe country for both men and women. Females are much respected and providing their safety is a part of the... See More

ANeed suggestions for travel destination that is warm in early March?

Iran​ in March has an excellent weather, also Iranian New Year named "Nowrouz" is on the 21st of March that they celebrate with their traditional customs. There are many historical and natural sites to see and explore in Iran. Locals are very... See More

APassport stamps...good idea or no?

 Hi Joshua, You are right. According to Iran visa policy Israeli passport holders will not get a visa. If you’ve got an Israeli entry stamp, you may be refused entry to Iran, too. You can find out more about Iran visa policy @ See More

ATehran: What's the best neighborhood in Tehran for a first time visitor?

I recommend you Espinas Hotel Persian Gulf​ because it is located in the center of Tehran and you can access to different part of the city and that area is full of locals:). Furthermore, I’ve heard that guests were really satisfied with its service... See More

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