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ACathy Pacific experience?

I flew Cathay Pacific from London to Brisbane via Hong Kong. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home about, either. See More

AWhere are the world's most amazing buddha statues?

I think the Bamiyan Buddhas were recently destroyed by the Taliban. The Great Buddha of Leshan ​ near Chengdu​ is now the world's largest. See my ​ See More

AWould you rather be stuck on a mountaintop or a deserted island?

You'd be more likely to find something to eat and drink on the island ... plus, mountain tops can get bloody cold!  See More

AWhat is the ugliest building you've ever seen?

Fortunately, it doesn't exist any more; they tore it down about 5 years ago & built a new one. But, my vote goes to the old Digbeth Street Coach Station in Birmingham​, which I once described as 'the armpit of the Universe' If it must... See More

APeople always ask my must-packs—what's one thing you never travel without?

Notebook, pen and camera!  See More

AThe best sunsets you've seen on your travels?

We remarked that, on our cruise, we photographed plenty of sunrises, but hadn't seen many sunsets ... mainly because we were usually at dinner when they happened. But, when we sat this one through the dining room window ,,, everyone rushed outside, dinner temporarily... See More

AWhat are the best things to collect when travelling?

Plates: decorative ones we hang on the wall. Magnets, of course ... our kitchen has its own magnetic field. And those little pin badges. I put them on my camera bag ... and these days, they almost weigh as much as my cameras do! :D  Another thing: I don't collect... See More

ADo you like to photograph doors while traveling?

Yes... but, if there's anyone about, be sure to ask permission! Here's one from Sidi Bou Said​, Tunisia  ​ See More

AWhere are the craziest roads in the world?

There are no crazy roads, only crazy drivers! But, the one that had the greatest pucker factor for me was the old Seven Sisters road up to Troodos​ in Cyprus​... always the chance of meeting a tank transporter or a village bus coming... See More

ARound the World Ticket vs. One location at a time?

Depends on whether you want to really travel, or just 'go places'. I'd suggest to take it one step at a time. If you like a place, you can stay as long as you wish (or your visa will permit); if you don't, you can move on somewhere else ... you can decide... See More

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