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Kathryn Hunter



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CEO of Carry On 365 and Quiet Girl Travels

Artist, Traveler, INFP, Drinks Whiskey from a Tea Cup 

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Any experience with an Air bnb...

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AAustin: Weekend in Austin!

If you're morning people try catching the sunrise from Mount Bonnell​, it's just as pretty as the sunset, and there are very few people.  Sixth St is gross, except for a reservation only craft cocktail bar: Midnight Cowboy​... See More

ATravel cards vs credit cards vs cash

Sean covered most of what I would say, though he's more thorough in his practice than I can say that I am. :) The only thing I would add, is to do a quick search on foreign cards at atms in the places you'll be visiting. I've only ever had one problem, but... See More

ANew York City: How much money do I need to live for about 10 days in New York (2 people)

How much you'll need depends a lot on what you consider necessary. Personally, I'd look for a room in an apartment on AirBnB with kitchen and maybe laundry access. Cooking for yourself, at least part of the time, can lower your expenses a lot.  Pay special attention... See More

AIs £10k each enough for a year's backpacking?

It's definitely doable, but like Dennis Johansen mentions, it will depend on the choices you make. In addition to hotels and home stays, look at hostels, couch surfing, and if you're going to be somewhere more than a week, be sure to ask about long term prices.... See More

AQuirkiest/Cutest city you've ever visited?

I love Suchitoto​. It's small, has murals throughout the town, an arts center, gorgeous views of Suchitlán lake. You can try indigo dyeing. We convinced one of the street vendors to teach us to make pupusas. Many of the houses have "En esta... See More

AWhat are your favorite books you've read on a trip?

Love with a Chance of Drowning is the first book that made me even consider a long term sailing trip. Right now I'm reading Marching Powder; the prose isn't great, but the story keeps you reading.  See More

ABrooklyn: Is Brooklyn a good place to base myself when visiting NYC?

It depends on how long you'll be there and what you want to do. If you're in the city for just a few days and most everything you want to do is in Manhattan, your commute will eat a significant chunk of your time.  If your going to be in the city for a week or... See More

AWhere is everyone traveling to this December?

I'm going to spend part of December in Berlin​and part in Gothenburg​. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas markets in both cities; we don't really have anything like it in Austin.  See More

ANew York City: budget-friendly but decent hotel in Union Square area?

Hotels in NYC for less than $150 a night are hard to come by, decent or not. I'd go to AirBnB and search for Union Square. I've used AirBnB in New York three times, and will again, I'm sure.  By staying in an apartment you'll also have kitchen and sometimes... See More

ANomads, do you have a "home" address?

In the US, there are places that you can authorize to receive your mail. They take and upload pics of the envelope, so that you can decide it you want them to open it and scan the contents for you to view or have that item forwarded. Search for 'online mail forwarding'... See More

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