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ABirmingham (Alabama) to Conway: map of trip from Birmingham al to Conway ark

Try this page: Here's the map from Birmingham​ to Baskin​ to Conway​: See More

ABoston to Portland: is it in the way to portland oregon

Vegas is really far out of the way, but I guess if you have a couple weeks to drive cross-country, then you could do it. Start with a general route like this: Then customize it to add a lot more stops along the... See More

ASpruce Grove to Halifax: can I get directions for only 5 hrs drive time per day

You might need to break up a long trip like this into segments and play around with the stops. Here are some suggestions: Spruce Grove​ to North Battleford​ to Yorkton​ is about 5-1/2 hours for each leg.... See More

AGallipolis to Wellston: Halfway point

Those are only 35 miles apart, but if you really wanted the best halfway point from Gallipolis​ to Wellston​, it would probably be Centerville​ on I-35.,+OH/to/Wellston,+OH... See More

ABremerton to Rancho Cucamonga: Must see spots

Since you prefer PCH, try one of these routes to get some ideas: There's more data from Trippy members for those larger cities, so it should give you some... See More

ABloomington (Illinois): Covid sensitive hotels

Bloomington is a nice mid-size town in Illinois with lots of hotel choices. You could also look for a vacation rental, but since you're really only making a stop halfway along a longer route, a hotel probably makes the most sense. I don't know if you can find a particular... See More

AMorristown to Fort Collins: I want to make the trip in 2 days. Where is the best place to stop midway,

This page suggests Chicago, but it's probably better to avoid big cities if you have the option: This page suggests Bloomington​ as the best midpoint: See More

AMadison to Westfield: a good meeting point

That's a pretty far drive, about 8 hours each way, so the easiest thing would probably be to meet in Cleveland​ where there are lots of restaurants and you could find a nice hotel if you wanted to stay overnight before driving back. See More

AClarkesville to Charleston: Distance from Clarkesville ga to Charleston sc

It's about 4-1/2 hours assuming you don't stop at all and drive straight there. You'll end up going past Greenville​ and Columbia​ since most of the... See More

ABend to Fairburn: How many driving days traveling 8 hours/day with stops

Take out some of the stops and you should be able to do this itinerary in 4 days: Realistically, it's probably easier if you plan for 5 days to keep it to 8-9 hours of driving each day. See More

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