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Jen J

Los Angeles


About Me

Just a girl who loves all things travel! I'm always looking for ways to combine my passion for fitness AND travel and am often on solo travel adventures. Love to learn about new cultures and explore new places!

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ASantorini: 2 Days trip Heraklion to Santorini

Traveling from Santorini​ - Crete (and vice versa) is super simple and convenient via the high speed ferries that travel between the two islands a number of times each day. The last time I did the high speed ferry between the two islands... See More

AAthens: Greece Honeymoon from March 20 to 28! is it a good time?

Hi there! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon trip!    While I don't live in Greece​, I've been there a handful of times over the last couple of years so I wanted to provide some insight.    As far as the dates and selections... See More

QCologne: Best sites to explore in or near Cologne, Germany in early April!

I'll be heading to Cologne for work in early April and wanted to explore the city and surrounding area. While I've been to Europe several times before (mostly traveling solo), this will be my first trip to Germany so I am not too familiar with things to see and... See More

ABarcelona: Getting by without speaking Spanish/Catalonian?

Yes, you will be completely fine getting by in Barcelona without speaking Spanish/Catalonian. I was just there with a friend a few weeks ago and she speaks less Spanish than I do and we felt completely comfortable getting by/walking around, exploring the city not being... See More

ALas Vegas: Uber vs. Taxi in Las Vegas?

I happened to be in Las Vegas​ for an event the weekend that Uber kicked off in Vegas, and yes...they're less expensive than cabs and a heck of a lot cleaner (in my experience), too. I only used Uber to the airport and the convention center, so it... See More

QVenice: Best/central location for hotel in Venice, Italy, $220/night or less?

I'm heading to Italy and will be going to Venice for the first time. We'll be staying 2-3 nights in Venice at the end of our trip and I was wondering if there are some "neighborhoods" or areas of Venice that are better to stay in than others? We want to... See More

ALos Angeles: Would you more recommend Lyft or Uber in Los Angeles?

I live here and take uber each and every week, mostly to the airport or for a night out and have always had a great experience. I have not yet tried Lyft, as I have not yet needed to use an alternative to uber.    Enjoy your trip, safe travels! See More

ALos Angeles: Is Los Angeles a walkable city?

If you plan to stay in one area (say West Hollywood​) and only cover that area, then walking around there isn't bad. However, in order to actually see and experience LA you'll need a car or to use uber to get around appropriately. As a whole,... See More

AWhat are the best cities for single women traveling solo?

Of the international cities I've traveled solo to, I've been a huge fan of Sydney​, Vancouver​, London​, Athens​ (and all of the Greek islands I've ventured to as well), and most definitely... See More

QLisbon: Best day trip options from Lisbon?

Hi there! I'm heading to Lisbon in about a week and will be there for 5-6 days. I'm wondering what the best day (or two) day trip options from Lisbon would be. Up for wine, adventure, sight seeing and whatever else is noteworthy to see throughout Portugal! Also,... See More

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