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Jared Huntley



About Me

Hiya! My name is Jared. I'm a twenty-something year old traveller, forensic scientist and all-round geeky guy from Sydney, Australia.

I've travelled around Australia, New Zealand and spent time in Germany, Iceland, the UK, Ireland and the United States. I'm an avid traveller and photographer, with a focus and passion for natural landscapes, historical sites and culture.

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AThe traveller's Bucket List- what's on yours?

So many! Greenland​, Norway​ and Iceland​ (again).  Bolivia​ and Peru​. Kenya​, Tanzania​ and Rwanda​. Finally Antarctica​... See More

AEngland: Best countryside Christmas with friends in the UK?

Hey Hannah, I spent some time in the charming little town of Todmorden​ in West Yorkshire​ with a friend's family. Not too small, but definitely a countryside haven. There are walks all around the town, which dates back to the... See More

ABerlin: What's the best neighborhood in Berlin for a first time visitor?

Hey Katie,  I stayed on Kreuzberg​ on Friedrichstraße​ and found it fair central for most things. Public transport is great in Berlin though, so you can get to most places pretty easily. Make sure to check out the Topography... See More

AFrankfurt: Given time constraint, what ONE (or two) places is a MUST visit in Europe?

Hey Jessica!  Bust trip! You're gonna have a great time.  I'd switch out Frankfurt​ for Munich​ or Berlin​ - those cities are amazing, and like others have said, Frankfurt is mostly a financial and... See More

AHow do you deal with the travel bug when you can't travel?

Hey Anna-Fee,  I usually write about the adventures I've had, look through old photos and plan for the next travel destination! Sometimes escaping the monotony of daily life and work is easily found in reading someone's blog, living vicariously through a book... See More

ADublin: Best neighborhood to stay in within walking distance for most city sights?

Temple Bar​ - it's really not that loud. We stayed at old Georgian townhouse ​ on Eustace St​ the week of the Marriage Equality Referendum and that was a noisy night, and yet we got to sleep just fine (and the family I was with... See More

Aif you had 2 weeks to visit any country, which would you choose and why?

I'd love to spend two weeks exploring Norway​. It looks stunning and amazingly scenic, as this Buzzed article ​ illustrates!  See More

ADublin: Tips for a first time, solo visit to Dublin?

Hey Camille,  Spent week in Dublin​ back in May and wrote a bit about it here. ​ It was fantastic! Totally recommend using Airbnb places near Temple Bar​ and checking out the restaurants and pubs around that area! See More

AWhat is your best travel tip?

My best tips would be: - Always remember to backup your memory cards used in your camera, nothing worse than getting home and seeing you've lost all your photos - Forgot a power socket adapter and need to charge your phone in your hotel? Most modern TVs have USB slots... See More

AReykjavik: What clothing should I pack for a NYE trip to Reykjavik?

I'd definitely recommend a good pair of hiking boots and thick wooden socks - I had the great idea of just wearing Converse sneakers in May and quickly switched to boots - even in the car! And take lip balm, so you don't get cracked lips from the cold / wind! See More

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