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Jaleh Najafali



About Me

Food geek, wannabe Parisian, lover of polka dots, & author of A Famished Foodie. Bold wine, sour beer, and dessert make me nerd out.

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AHow do you kill time on a plane/train/bus?

I usually try and read a book, but I've found podcasts to be really interesting as well! Sometimes I don't have enough of an attention span to read something new while traveling, but I don't just want mindless music in the background either. Podcasts are a good... See More

ALondon: Newcomer to London

There are a ton of great things to do in London! The museums are great because most of them are free. Ones to check out would be National Gallery​, National Portrait Gallery​,  The British Museum​, The... See More

ASolo travel for women?

As long as your safe and not running around flashing diamonds in people's faces, there are so many safe places to travel alone as a woman! Some places that immediately come to mind are Italy​, France​, Czech Republic​,... See More

ASnow or sun for Christmas?!

Snow, snow, snow! You can find summer weather pretty much any time of year in so many locations, but I think winter is really a time to enjoy the snow and all the fun winter activities that go with it. Also, I really enjoy bundling up and all that jazz, so it's exciting... See More

ADo you like traveling solo?

I kind of like a mix! When I'm in London, I visit family there, so I go out during the day and do my own thing, but at night, they usually take me around to different restaurants and things. It's always nice to see a new city with someone else, but I also really... See More

AWhat are three things you never travel without?

1. A book for when I'm waiting in airports/bus terminals/etc. 2. Snacks because I never quite know how my day will go and I might need something to keep me going. 3. Cross body bag since they're always what I feel safest carrying around. See More

AItaly: Honeymoon in last week of January in Italy

I was in Rome mid-December and it was just becoming cool enough to require a jacket, and maybe a scarf. I think it really depends on what you consider "freezing." As someone who lives on the east coast of the US, my tolerance for the cold is much higher than most... See More

AWhat's your best travel hack?

I like listening to podcasts and reading blogs before I go to a new location when trying to find must-see things, restaurants, etc. because they tend to be more honest/reliable than anything that pops up on Yelp or TripAdvisor. If I'm staying in a small hostel, I tend... See More

AFlight Arrangements - when should I book to get the best price?

I've read a ton of opinions on when to buy tickets, but as far as timing goes, what I've seen work is searching through sites like ITA or Kayak; booking mid-week (preferably Tuesday or Thursday); and searching for a flight incognito. Hopefully some of this helps... See More

ABest towns around the world to experience the holiday magic?

My two favorites were the Christmas Market in Piazza Navona​ and the huge Christmas celebration that ran up and down the Champs-Élysées​. The one in Rome​ isn't huge, but is a great place to find Christmas... See More

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