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Ian Oliver

United Kingdom


About Me

"Quirkyalone Thirtysomething Geek" according to my Twitter profile (@RTWBarefoot) ... came to enjoy travelling a bit later in life than most.

Likes culture, (dark) history, food, and scenery.  Also has a masochistic habit of taking overly-long bus and train journeys.

Useless at foreign languages.


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QWhat do you do with your leftover currency?

Imagine you're on a trip, using mostly cash only, in a relatively inexpensive area with inconvertible currency, and have been keeping to a vague budget.  You get to having two days left, and you realise you're going to end up with having more money left than you... See More

ASouth America: Backpacking South America!

Bolivia​.  And if you can get as far East as the Pantanal Wetlands​, that's a big haven for wildlife, whilst the journey there will take you right across one of the cheaper countries in South America. See More

QTravel bloggers, what motivates you to write?

Hi! I have a question for all the (travel) bloggers and writers out there.  How do you motivate yourself to write?  Quite often I sit in front of a document knowing what to write, but not seeming to be able to make myself write.  What techniques do you use to, well,... See More

QGhana: Doxycycline in West Africa

This is a bit of a specific question, I'm afraid. I have some doxycycline left over from a recent trip to SE Asia, and so was hoping to use this as Malaria protection for West Africa - however I don't have enough for the whole trip. Assuming doxycycline is 'suitable' for... See More

AWhat are some underrated cities you've visited?

Bali​! I wasn't going to go there as I'd had an impression that it was basically party-central and not at all 'Indonesian', but I ended up having to pass through.  Was only planning to stay for a couple of hours, ended up in Padangbai​... See More

APrague 1: Best place to drink beer in Prague?

Tricky; at least in the centre, as most places serve Plzen, Gambrinus, or, less often, Staropramen, There is a "beer museum" (a pub) which does lots (at least 15-20) of different beers, and you can get a 5- or 10-glass tray of them.  It's on the right hand... See More

AWhat are three things you never travel without?

a) Passport.  Amongst other reasons, it's also the only proof of identity I've got .. b) Money, or some way of getting it. c) Camera, to record what I see, to remember things by, and just in case I come across something unusual that I may not believe my memory... See More

ABest travel tools?

I don't use apps, due to my travelling with an old brick rather than a smartphone ... but the websites I use to plot and research are: Skyscanner - for sourcing air fares.  I don't necessarily buy them through there, especially if I think it'd be cheaper to... See More

ATop 5 worst cities you've ever visited?

I've been around the world, and passed through some pretty uninspiring places (some places I've only seen from the window of a bus/coach, and that's been enough for me - stand up Indianapolis​ in particular), but, sticking to places I've... See More

AUzbekistan: Is Uzbekistan good for backpacking? Is it expensive?

Tashkent​ is relatively expensive compared with the rest of the country.  There's cheaper hostels in Historic Centre of Bukhara​, Samarkand​, and even Khiva​.  ​Outside of these places it's... See More

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