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Hussam Nour

Washington, DC


About Me

One of the hardest things I have had to do is write about myself. Where should I begin? Should I start the day I was born or earlier? I think not, that would be boring unless there was an astonishing story to accompany my birth. Sorry to disappoint, there is no such story here; I was not born on an asteroid that plummeted to earth.

I am blessed to have lived an extraordinary life by many people’s standards. I have traveled the world and shared experience in many people’s lives. I have met the love of my life only to loose her and then find her again.

Above everything else that I have enjoyed the most throughout my travels are the people I have met along the way and their amazing stories. I have seen extreme wealth and extreme poverty. From Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces at the footsteps of palaces to the poverty in Asia and Africa where a simple meal of beans is a luxury. What stands out is people’s generosity. Humankind’s greatest triumph is our ability for kindness towards each other and our willingness to share the knowledge we gain over our lives with others in the form of a story.

I enjoy innovation in marketing and bringing fun to the work place. I especially love crazy colorful socks. I know that was random, but I had to add it in here somewhere.

In closing, all the knowledge, software, and skills I have picked up allow me start and run a business, promote a product, Idea, or a corporation. If you feel that I can help you or your team. Please feel free to contact me. I am always looking for a great adventure.

Places I Follow

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