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Salt Lake City


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ASpain: Travel within Spain - best by train, flight, car?

My preference is for the high speed trains.  The stations are downtown so there is no long drive out to the airport, there is no baggage check, just walk up 10 minutes before departure and stow your bag, three hours later you have walked to your hotel 450 miles away. ... See More

ABarcelona: 5 Days in Barcelona

After 5 days in Barcelona, you'll wish you had 20 more! See More

AMexico City: Turibus (hop on, hop off)

I have not taken Turibus​ or seen it around.  (Not looking for it.)  The subway is about 30 cents (5 pesos) to get anywhere point-to-point in DF, faster than cars or buses.  On-and-off tour buses waste a lot of your time waiting for the next one,... See More

ACancun: Tulum or Chichen Itza - only have time for one, but which one?

Round trip to Chichén Itzá​ will take a day in transport longer than Tulum​, even if you have a car. Either can be reached easily by bus from Playa del Carmen​.  See More

AQuintana Roo: Best cenotes without crowds of people?

Yes, I do.  First of all, get away from Cancun, it's a wasteland compared to the rest of the peninsula.  Cheapest airport to fly in and out of, but don't waste your limited vacation time there. I'm sure you have bars where you live. You will need a car to... See More

AWas there ever a time you used a country's language and it backfired?

We walked into a pet store in Merida, Yucatan where a big cage of bunnies (conejos) was stationed front and center just inside the door.  As we walked in my wife exclaimed "Cajones!" See More

ASalt Lake City: What is your favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City?

Kind of depends on what I'm in the mood for.  I'm more impressed by good food than atmosphere, especially atmosphere that has no intent other than to double or triple the price of a meal.  (Like a wise old sage once said, "You can't eat the atmosphere!") ... See More

AHow do you deal with awkwardness during a solo trip?

Don't focus on being alone!  You're in the most compatible company you'll ever keep!  Focus on what are you going to do with this opportunity to do what ever you can do here, right now, that will be gone when you have to move on.  Keep this attitude and before... See More

ASalt Lake City: What's the best neighborhood in Salt Lake City for a first time visitor?

Katie, I've lived here 36 years, and the thing that will never change is that Salt Lake City​ was first established in the north end of the valley, and the city has sprawled outward around that original center, which is not in the center of the valley,... See More

ACancun: Is a road trip from Cancun to Belize safe?

Cancun​Cancun is our favorite way to get to Belize.  The most competitive airfares and the most abundant choice of flight times in the region are going to take you to that airport. But you don't need to rent a car and drive.  The buses are a great... See More

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