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AWhat's the weirdest food you've ever eaten abroad?

In Belize, live termites out of termite mound in jungle In Columbia, (amazon jungle excursion), grilled amazon frog In Peru, Guinea pig In Australia, kangaroo In Vietnam, live beating snake heart In Laos, duran fruit In Cambodia, "happy" pizza (loaded with... See More

AWould you move to another country to make your dreams come true?

I'm not sure I follow the question... Why wouldn't you try to make your dreams come true, regardless of the "what" it takes to realize them? You only got this one life... See More

AThe best sunsets you've seen on your travels?

Not in any order PhilippinesAmazonasColombia​  ArgentinaGreece See More

AWhat are the best things to collect when travelling?

It's cheesy, but the best thing to collect is good times with great people and experiences you can't have in other places. This especially becomes true the longer you plan on traveling. It becomes burdensome to collect things, because you start worrying about them... See More

QCan anyone recommend a good consolidator/discount travel agency?

I used one before and loved my agent. However, the agent I liked there moved on, and I'm looking for a new agent/agency. It'd be nice if they were based out of Seattle, but it doesn't matter too much as long as they can work with me remotely (which they should... See More

ADoes long term travel affect your career?

Varun, In 2010 (at 28 years old), I quit my career to travel around the world for a year. While I wasn't in love with my career, there were parts I enjoyed, but the trip was more about accomplishing a life goal of mine. I shared many of the same reservations that you... See More

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