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Don Worsham



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Imaging, font fondling, rope knotting, character creating curator of obvious knee scrapes, falling pecans and Nigerian Blood Whiskey.




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Our thoughts are with those in...

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AKathmandu: What experiences should I not miss in Kathmandu?

Walk Kora (walking meditation) at Boudhanath​. Early morning is best. Walk in, See stupa. Circle left. Tashi Delek Restaurant​! See More

AWhich airline would you choose for a long coach flight?

Depends a bit on chosen route, mate. From west US to Asia, a route I fly several times each year, I suggest Singapore A380 service, Thai (LA - BKK is a great route, though they've discontinued the non-stop A340 flight). Air New Zealand to Auckland is a gas as is any... See More

AMost impressive staircases you've ever seen?

Tiger Temple, Krabi​: the 1237 step pilgrimage to the footprint of the Buddha. The steps are rutty, in spots well off their original path, winding through trees sheltering generations of monkeys who don't mind letting we mere moral pilgrims know... See More

ANepal: What is your favorite restaurant in Nepal?

Garden Kitchen, Boudha ​ BoudhaNath Stupa​ Full-on yum. Not a huge fan of the downstairs, inside seating. It's a bit small. But the upstairs is inviting when it's cold, or crowded - had my daughter's birthday party in the upstairs party... See More

AWhat is the fastest way to acclimate to microbes in a new location?

I could drone on here about the now infamous bok choy incident of 2014. I won't. I don't think my system could stand even remembering the horror of three nights spent sleeping toilet-side, head pillowed by cold tile, blowing bits of fecal fertilized bok choy from... See More

ANepal: Our thoughts are with those in Nepal

​I first arrived in Thupten Chholing in late spring 1999, one in a small group of researchers, Fulbright(er)s and UN workers, studying rituals of refugees. We had a bag of gifts for those encamped, the always-at-the ready toothbrush, pencils, notebooks, etc - the usual... See More

ADoes long term travel affect your career?

Mate, at the risk of sounding old, you're in your 20s! Jobs come and go. Careers come and go. Heck, in this age, entire industries come and go. Allow me to quote Gandhi: "[L]ive as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." Travel is... See More

AMexico: Where in the world is food still pure and unadulterated?

My family of four - two adults and two preteen kids - lived in Nepal​ for four years ( ) I was working on a research grant, still am, that allowed us to live in remote villages that... See More

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