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D-Jan K



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I am a (travel)journalist, worked, lived & travelled all over the world (100+ countries).

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AAmsterdam: Uber or Taxis?

That's simple: UBER! (or Uber pop!) It's perfect, way cheaper than regular taxi's here. Plus your driver is nice and does not phone/text AND drive at the same time, since he will get a review. The average 'normal or regular' taxi's take detours and... See More

AAmsterdam: Has anyone studied abroad in Amsterdam?

Hi,  I've studied and lived abroad many times in my life. Common sense, some money and/or a smile will get you ANYWHERE ;-)  What I always did was buying a travel guide of the city or country I would live in. This way you get a glimpse of the culture, nature and... See More

AAmsterdam: Good restaurants and bars in Amsterdam's centre

Food-wise it really depends what you like. But I give you some clues (all easy googles): Michelin star (short selection): Try' Restaurant Lastage ', 'Le Restaurant Amsterdam ', 'La Rive ', '&samhoudplaces ' (I would go here!) or 'Ciel... See More

AJordan: Jordan or Iran in January

I brought my wintercoat with me and wore layers last January. That way you are prepared for colder and warmer weather. We were quite lucky: sunshine all two days, but it was definately chilly. I am from the Netherlands so am perhaps a bit better adjusted to a colder climate... See More

ABest dive sites in the world?

I've been diving in many places (From Egypt to Key West, from Colombia to Oman to Eastern Europe etc.) but here is my top 5 that I can instantly sum up and which I enjoyed a lot:  Try the island of Roatan​ (Honduras), or visit Mabul Island​... See More

ARotterdam: I'm looking for a nice place to stay/ sleep for a weekend

Yup! It's cool at Hotel NY and Bazar. But I also liked the area of Kralingen a lot... Rotterdam is small so you'll probably visit it too. The people in Rotterdam call it little Paris and I can see what they mean. And try to eat at the Italian restaurant Osteria... See More

QBonaire: Going to Bonaire, anything special I should do or see that you know of?

Hi, I am going to spend 8 days of holiday on the Caribbean island of Bonaire pretty soon. Have never been there. I guess it's relaxing, eating and reading that I can do there with my fellow travellers (2 friends). But perhaps there's something more to do! If you... See More

AAmsterdam: How is the weather in early-mid May?

Just checking back on you. The weather was fantastic, wasn't it!! Hope you have had a great holiday! See More

AAmsterdam: Must-go-to restaurants & things to do over one weekend?!

Hi, There's a lot to see, do and eat here in Amsterdam! Foodwise it really depends what you like. But I give you some clues (all easy googles): Michelin star (short selection): Try' Restaurant Lastage​', 'Le Restaurant Amsterdam​',... See More

AMunich: Should I spend more time in Amsterdam or Munich?

Hi, I live in Amsterdam + have been to all the places you mention. First impulse: Amsterdam! A fantastic place and different from all the other places. (Why not spend less time in Brussels? Bc it's the least terrific place by far on your list and perhaps that time... See More

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