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David Sherwin

Mornington Peninsula


About Me

I have spent most of my adult life travelling the world. I worked as a Travel Agent in 80/90s in London. I have worked on a Kibbutz, Bars in Greece, Ski lodge in Andorra, Owned my own Bucket air fares business. I have managed a Pub in Oxfordshire. Owned 2 Cafe' in UK and Australia. Owned and Built Destination Guide for Melbourne.

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Mornington Peninsula

David's Activity

AMelbourne: What is your favorite restaurant in Melbourne?

Melbourne has over 3000 places to eat from every corner of the world. The city is divided into areas of cultural and cuisine from the migrants over the last 150 years.. Have a look at That's Melbourne or Visit Melbourne   Melbourne Pl go see victoria ... See More

AMelbourne: Road-trip around Melbourne: Grampians or Alpine National Park

Hi, Parks Victoria​ is a great and check out Visit Victoria also  Walks in Grampians National Park​ (Grampian ) and Halls Gap Remember its autumn which means its not to hot. Be sure you go to local information... See More

AMelbourne: Where to find the best food in Melbourne?

Hi Australian cuisine is a combination of 150 years of migration, you can find an eatery from any part of the world, That's Melbourne Melbourne will give a really great overview of Melbourne which is a much better city than Sydney See More

AAustralia: Solo travel in Melbourne or Sydney?

Hi Dee, May start by saying if you're coming all this way stay a week and see both, it is not a waste of your time. Sydney is the iconic capital of Australia, Cambra the Government city, and Melbourne is the sport and cultural capital. Rember we are in the southern... See More

AMelbourne: Holiday festivities in Melbourne?

Hi Rosie, Melbourne is one big Event through the summer, it depends on if your sporty or arty there is so much going on Here are a few info-sites that will give you an idea Federation Square​ and City Square Motel​ are the meeting areas.... See More

AWhere is your favorite place to hike?

Here in Australia we have many places to Hike and Camp but one o f my absolutely Idea places is Wilsons Promontory​ Total natural and protected. Its just awsome ​ ​ ​ See More

AMelbourne: Suggestions for a first timer in Melbourne?

Michelle has some great ideas. I would like to point out we are just going into the season of Events with the Spring Racing starting in 9 day thru to Cricket world cup at end of March. ​ will show all the best place to visit. Brunswick... See More

AAustralia: Best Things to visit in Australia ?

Hi Pascale, Australia is a very big country I therefore I would suggest 3 weeks is not going to scratch the surface. you will spend most of your time travelling. It might be an idea just to pick one particular area this time say Western Australia​... See More

AAustralia: The best month to visit Australia?

Hi, Australia is about the same size as USA but we only have 21 Million peoples, and stretches from the tropical climates down to the seasonal cold of the Antarctic. So choosing the period to visit should not be made so much on climate but should include a season or event... See More

AAustralia: Best Wineries

There are so many place it all depends on how long your staying. LINK ​. See More

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