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AHouston to San Francisco: Best Route with Unique stops Houston to San Francisco

The worst part of that drive is US Highway 10 from San Antonio to El Paso. Miles and miles of boring desert landscape and massive big truck traffic all the way. Take Highwy 90 from San Antonio to El Paso for a very scenic and interesting drive and skip the trucks. If convenient... See More

ASan Antonio to San Diego: What is the best route and time to drive

Great question Stephanie. Take US 90 from San Antonio to El Paso. It is a beautiful drive with interesting stops along the way. At all costs avoid US Highway 10 from San Antonio to El Paso. It offers ultra boring desert scenery and you have to dodge big trucks constantly.... See More

ASt. Louis to San Diego: Conditions for road trip during December

You're taking a chance by including Arches National Park. That means you'll be routed through some very mountainous terrain with snowy conditions likely. My advice would be to choose a southern route through Arizona and do Arches some other time. Check out the Grand... See More

AFrance: 3 week Road Trip in France

We did trips like that we we first started going to Europe. What we realized is that we were spending a whole lot of time checking in, checking out, packing, unpacking, and moving from hotel to hotel. Those activities were eating a lot of our vacation time.  In more... See More

ATucson to Houston: places to see

The drive along Interstate Highway 10 from El Paso to San Antonio is one of the most boring drives with little or no scenery. It is a major truck route so you'll be dodging big trucks the whole way. Take the southern route through Del Rio and Marathon to San Antonio... See More

ASan Francisco: Restaurant for anniversary dinner

The Michelin Guide has long been the gold standard in Europe when it comes to restaurant ratings. Over the past decade they've extended their reach to the USA focusing first on cities known for fine dining. That includes San Francisco. If a restaurant makes it into this... See More

ATucson to Austin: Where should I stay overnight on the way?

I have a great answer to your question Cheryl. The drive across west Texas on Highway 10 is one of the world's most boring drives. Miles and  miles of flat desert landscape, dodging big trucks all the way, with virtually no interesting scenery.  Instead take... See More

ASan Sebastian to Nice: 7 day self drive from San Sebastian to Nice

Ahhh, San Sebastian​. There is a restaurant in the suburb of Lasarte​ named Restaurante Martin Berasategui​. It was recently ranked as the second best restaurant in the world by TripAdvisor. I had one of... See More

ALas Vegas to Portland: Best stops for leisurely drive

Take US95N along the eastern side of California's Sierra mountains. You'll go right by Death Valley which might be worth a look. Take a detour through the back door to Yosemite National Park one of the prettiest mountain drives in the USA. From Reno take a detour... See More

AAmboise to La Roque-Gageac: Road trip from Amboise, France to La Roque Gagaec, France

Try to make a stop in Brantome for at least an hour or two. It is one of the most beautiful villages in France with much to see.  See More

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