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Dave Levart



About Me

Dave is an international travel writer and founder of Dave’s Travel Corner, a premier travel resource since 1996. He has traveled to over 100 countries where he enjoys the outdoors, backpacking, mountain climbing, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures. Combining these interests with his expertise in technology, photography and writing, he shares his adventures on Dave’s Travel Corner and in numerous media outlets. Dave is most at home in Bangkok, Los Angeles, the Napa Valley or California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. He is a big proponent of experiential travel — valuing experiences above “things”.

In 2006, he conceived the Napa Wine Project, a challenging endeavor to visit, taste with and write about every winery in the Napa Valley, California. He has now completed more than 760 visits and reviews of Napa producers for the project.

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Dave's Activity

ALos Angeles: What's the most authentic thai food in LA?

Well the good news is Los Angeles has some of the best Thai food in the world outside of Thailand - helped by the fact the largest population of Thai's live here outside of Thailand :) And yes I've had some really crappy Thai food all over the world. I definitely... See More

AHow to best overcome jet lag?

Succumb to it by having a massage in the destination of your arrival :) See More

ANapa: Unique experience wanted at Napa or Sonoma Winery

Hi Michelle - for unique experiences in Napa with the following criteria, I'll just list two each - if you need more, let me know or if you have specific criteria on just about anything I can match Napa wineries with what you want. Personalities: Caldwell... See More

AVenice Beach: Your favorite LA farmers market?

Mathilde - Kevin's recommendation of the Mar Vista Farmers Market​ is a good choice, it is open from 9-2pm and is surprisingly large - yet refreshingly maintains a very nice community feel that you don't necessarily always have at other LA and... See More

ALos Angeles: Best boxing club in the city?

Have you tried the Wild Card Boxing LLC on Vine just north of Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. Owner & trainer Freddy Roach - I know Manny Pacquiao has trained here - Oakland's Andre Ward has stopped by in the past and other well-known... See More

AKo Kut: Any recommendations for places to stay/beaches/sights?

Hi Dennis - its been a few years since I was on this island, it is one of the few places I purposely never wrote about on my travel site - it wasn't Western touristy like some of the southern Thai Islands are (although there were certainly Thai tourists visiting) -... See More

AHollywood: Which movie/TV studio to visit

Hi Shelley, You could spend days in Hollywood and still not experience everything! I've gone on the following five major area studio tours, Paramount Studios​, NBC (tour part no longer offering), Sony Pictures Studios​,... See More

ALos Angeles: Things to do during a 28 hour layover?

Hi Melanie I'll bet you are overwhelmed by now! LA can quickly do that to a visitor! Have you looked at staying close to the airport. My aunt and uncle always stay at the Hilton Garden Inn​ when they are in town located in El Segundo about a mile... See More

ADeath Valley: What are some must-see stops along Route 395 in California?

Route 395 is one of my absolute favorite drives in the state - so few tourists to California ever get to drive this amazing route. A few highlights include: Alabama Hills​, drive the Mt. Whitney Portal​ road, Manzanar National... See More

ACalifornia: Where are the weirdest places to visit in California?

Derek, Tough question especially for someone who has lived in the state for 25 years and likes to explore (making what is hopefully a correct assumption on that one) - have to really think about this! Here are a few weird places to visit in California that I've had... See More

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