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Game writer, author, Slow traveler, SF enthusiast

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AJet lag - what's your trick?

There isn't a surefire trick to fight jetlag, but with some practice you can definitely lessen its impact. In my opinion jetlag is mostly a psychological battle, in the sense that you can more easily overcome it by playing a few tricks on your mind. Here are the things... See More

APassport stamps...good idea or no?

The only situation where this is really required is when entering Israel​. The following countries will  not  let you enter the country if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport: IranIraqLebanon​... See More

AWas there ever a time you used a country's language and it backfired?

While in Oaxaca​, I was chatting with a friend who owns a pastry stand on the sidewalk when two Americans walked by. One of them saw my friend's donuts and said he should try one, then walked off. I meant to tell her "he said he'd like to try a Oaxacan donut... See More

AMontreal: 3 Days in Montreal, where should I go?

I recommend you check the Plateau Mount Royal​, which is a trendy neighborhood of Montreal. The houses here used to belong to middle-class French-speaking Montrealers, but became popular with artists and now with upwardly-mobile young professionals.... See More

QPodgorica: How's the Internet in Podgorica, Montenegro?

I need to travel to Podgorica, Montenegro soon, and I'd like to know how reliable the Internet is, as I conduct my business online. How's the Internet in general? Is WiFi generally available? If I book an apartment, say, on Airbnb, am I likely to get reliable WiFi?... See More

AWhat is your must-see place in Europe to visit?

Destinations in Western Europe are usually very well-covered, but how about Bulgaria​? It's fairly off the beaten path, and offers, no joke, some of the best food in the whole of Europe and some of the oldest ruins on the continent. Bulgaria's... See More

AMexico: Where in the world is food still pure and unadulterated?

The question is complex. Even in Italy​, which is known for its small-scale, locally-grown products, there is a lot of industrial-scale, pesticide-heavy food production, also. Same thing in Thailand​, which is otherwise known for its... See More

AEurope: Where can I find low cost flights in Europe?

If you want to be 100% sure that you're considering all budget options, it's worth searching for budget airlines with flights to your specific country. They vary from country to country, and depend on where you're going and where you're coming from. Skyscanner... See More

AMontreal: Great sushi restaurants in Montreal?

My go-to spot for great sushi in Montreal is off the beaten path but really great: Tri Express​. It's a really small place that doesn't look fancy at all, but it's run by Tri Du, a famous Montreal sushi chef who makes amazing, innovative... See More

AWhat countries are available for me to spend 90 days out of Schengen now?

Hi Paul, I've just researched this question specifically for Bulgaria​. Here's the most official and current document I could find: User Manual for the Short-Stay "Schengen" Calculator ​ Specifically: "Stays in Bulgaria, Croatia,... See More

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