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AJapan: 4 weeks in Japan; where will I find unique and unforgettable experiences?

its great that you're starting to plan already - gives you some time to earn a bit of Japanese (enough to read the alphabet perhaps AND to tell eople who you are).  Lots of on-line free places to do this give it 30 minutes a day and you'll be so much more confident. ... See More

AExchange money or not?

All the airports you are likely to fly into will have ATMs at the exits so as long as your credit card lets you, you should be able to get money immediately.  Check with your card company first though as America has such a range of cards you want to make sure you've... See More

QVietnam: crossing from cambodia to central vietnam

Maybe a bit optimistic but I plan to travel from the Siem Reap area up to preah vihear (to complete my string of khmer temples started years ago at Wat po in laos). From there I am looking to go east into Vietnam. So far I haven't been able to find any info on potential... See More

AYork: Where to go?

hi Elizabeth - not making it easy are you? no hints about what your interests are so going on the multiple cathedral cities you're visiting I have to guess that's it so how about routing through coventry (bombed to bits in WW2 and a brand new cathdral as well as... See More

AGatwick: Flight is scheduled to get into Gatwick (South) at 21:50, what train?

you haven't said where the train you want it going to so don't really understand why you are buying a ticket for a particular train (if you get an anytime ticket you can get any old train or else just wait til you get there and use one of the credit card machines... See More

ALondon: LHR Terminal 2 to 3 Transfer Time - with Baggage Claim + Passport Control

You're coming in at a bit of a rush hour and on an american flight which will probably have a lot of other non-European passports coming off ..... so you can expect a long wait to get through passport check (whether or not you've got an e-passport).  looking on... See More

ALondon: Cheap meals to have in Central London?

If you are visiting the South Bank arts complex, you could try the £5 set soup and sandwich deal at their new Kitchen area.  Wagamama​ is a bit at the top end here but possible. The markets are great but it always seems like their minimum is £7... See More

ALondon: Family-friendly neighborhood in London?

Hi Gabriel - what a great idea there are probably lots of places that might work for you but more info would help.  Like New York, London is big and it can take more than an hour to get into the centre from within town so it would be helpful to know if you really want... See More

ANetherlands: Best destination close to Belgium for weekend with friends?

Maastricht​ every time - easy communications links, good restaurants , vineyards (no, really!) great chocolate, good hotels, and, if you really want to go mad, its in the "hilly" bit of the netherlands so if you've got a car you can have... See More

AWarsaw: What do during a weekend in Warsaw

There is a very nice restuarant in the park - bit of a treat as its quite expensive and perhaps in this weather the gardens won't be as brilliant as at other times of the year.  Cant remember the name alas See More

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