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Christopher Barraud



About Me

Founder of, Travel Writer, Broadcaster, Photographer, Digital Nomad, Film Maker and all round swell guy. No really. True story. I cut and paste that. 

I am currently traveling the world with a laptop, 1 bag and 4 dinosaurs. No idea where I'm going but I hope to stay on the road as long as possible.

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AHow do you make sure your laptop doesn't get stolen while traveling? Tips?

I work from cafes, libraries, hotel lobbies and anywhere else where I can get Internet and a power point. When I started this, I was paranoid and always locked it away whenever I couldn't be near it. This was particularly troublesome as I'd need to pack everything... See More

AHow to go about setting up a phone in another country?

Depends on your phone and the country in question. In most cases, you keep your phone (it needs to be carrier unlocked) and you buy a SIM card in the new country. If you don't know if your phone is unlocked, call your carrier and ask. Sometimes if it is locked, you... See More

AAdvice or words of comfort on quitting your job to travel full time?

I've been a digital nomad for a couple of years now in one form or another and can say without a doubt that it changed me for the better. Was it scary? Yes. Sometimes it still is. But life isn't supposed to be perfect and I'd rather be freaked out in the middle... See More

ABali: Wifi strength in Bali and Ubud?

Internet in Indoniesia is horrible. Bali even more so as they have substandard infrastructure. Ubud​ is probably the worst tourist town on the island for Internet as its in the middle, far away from the Internet cables that connect to Java (some believe... See More

AProof of onward travel and spontaneity

The only legitimate way is to simply purchase a refundable ticket. Sure, it usually costs more but if you do your homework, you should be able to get the entire thing refunded - just make sure you do the aforementioned homework as many carriers may charge you a fee or three.... See More

ANomads, do you have a "home" address?

I've gone "fully nomad" - I don't have an address in my home country nor do I have anything sitting in storage that I could pull out and set up as a house if I decided to settle back over there. Thankfully I haven't needed a home address for anything... See More

AWhat do you do with your leftover currency?

I donate my coins to whoever I can before leaving the country - except for a bunch of them that I keep in my travel journal as souvenirs.  For notes, I'll keep them for the future. You never know when they could help. I had a few thousand yen on hand that I ended... See More

QBali: Visiting Kuta for the first time in years. What is new?

I go to Bali almost every year and make a bee-line straight towards Ubud. Next month I'll be in Bali for a few days and decided that I'll poke around the Kuta area for the first time in about 5 years. Since I'm only there for a few days, I'd like to check... See More

AThailand: Is it cheaper to buy cross country Thailand flights while in US or abroad?

If you're comfortable with low-cost carriers, you can fly from one side of Thailand to the other for less than $30. These prices fluctuate depending on when you buy them but I've managed to nab up cheap flights last minute with no problem (well, a few days before... See More

AAustralia: Driving Rental Cars at Night

No, this is not the standard. I'd be surprised if any company had this rule in place.  There are standard rules about age, intoxication, driving on unsealed roads, leaving the mainland etc but time of day is unusual. Unless its for cars on certain islands or nature... See More

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