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Chase Jarvis



About Me

International traveler, photographer and director. Consistent ambition to break down barriers between new and traditional media, and fine and commercial art.

Created 3 books; Seattle 100, Portrait of a City, Stevens Pass, and The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.

Also has been a Keynote speaker on 5 continents and started one of the world’s fastest growing online education companies,

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Chase's Activity

APeople always ask my must-packs—what's one thing you never travel without?

Sounds boring and very un-sexy, but earplugs have saved the day so many times for me.  I'm a light that guy snoring in the next train car?  Earplugs.  Late nite, need to sleep in past the hotel maid banging around? Earplugs.  Need to sleep on the plane?... See More

AWhat is your fondest travel memory?

My #1 fav destination is New Zealand​.  It has the rare combination of... -mind blowing scenery -amazing people -laid back culture -great recreation -fascinating heritage -geographic diversity in small area (easy to see lots of crazy stuff) -... See More

ANew Zealand: What is the best way to travel in and around New Zealand?

Best way to get around New Zealand​ IMHO is  A)helicopter (yeah, yeah I know... a little exotic), but its insanely beautiful. See below for proof. B)rental camper van.  there are tons of these rental outfits around where you can cheaply rent an... See More

AParis: Need opinions about calling abroad from Paris

Skype still reigns supreme.  Lived in Paris​ for a few years and skype was best option.  ​ See More

ANew York City: Where do the cool kids stay in NYC these days?

Still can't beat the Ace Hotel New York​. ​ ​ ​Ferriss is a tad grumpy on it because of the occasional noisy / crowded lobby, but it's still a great mix of casual + cultural.  Adjacent restaurants are the bomb. See More

ASeattle: Baby Moon recommendations for Seattle

For a nice hotel,  Pan Pacific Seattle ​ is a solid family/business hotel in the South Lake Union neighborhood... walking distance to lots of stuff, great food, streetcar, downtown, parks, etc. As far as good food goes,... See More

ANew York City: Fun must-do things in NYC

Even though it's touristy, the observation deck at The  Empire State Building ​'s observation deck is dope!   I'm not a huge fan of musicals - but Book of Mormon ​ is amazing - this is... See More

ASan Francisco: Best hotel bars in San Francisco

No view, but the  Redwood Room ​ is an upbeat bar/restaurant in Clift Hotel.  Yummy eats. Touch on the cheesy crowd, but drinks and food are great. See More

ASeattle: Hotel recommendation in Queen Ann district

Pan Pacific Seattle ​ is a solid family/business hotel in the South Lake Union ​ neighborhood... walking distance to lots of stuff, great food, streetcar, downtown, parks, etc.  Not far from Queen Anne.... See More

ASeattle: Best coffee shops

Caffe Vita​ is one of Seattle's classic coffee houses and Stumptown Coffee​ makes some of the best coffee on earth. See More

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